elucidator is gone

Well… he’s banned. Does anyone know why? What did he do?

He was banned for being a sock puppet with Weird with Words, who turns out to be his son. Everything’s back to normal now.

Nuthin’ it was a mistake (as is this thread)

As Lynn Bodini posted:

False alarm. Nothing to see here.

:smack: Fuck me. I swore I saw a BANNED tag under his name a second ago.

Better change those meds, swami. :wink:

(No, I am sure you did see the words. But they’re gone now!)

You did. He was banned for about 15 minutes or so.

I’ll bet every minute of that was pure hell, too. However, I got a 15 minute break from the “Tighty Righty” crap, so it was worth it.

december finally gets banned, manhattan once again blows a gasket, revealing just how immoderate he really is, and now we get Son of 'Luci, who proves to be a chip off the old block! God, I love this place!

I like elucidator.

and the mods too.

Aww man, I was gettin’ all excited. Big name bans are fun for all.

Oh, so I’m not going insane. Good to know.

Closing this thread as being irrelevant now.