Email broken: "Working offline"

and I can’t get it to go online.

It has Windows 7, Windows Live Mail servicing some hotmail accounts, and wired connection to router. Browsers, PokerStars and chat client are all fine.

Here’s the screwy part: this just popped up today. I can’t think of anything I may have done to cause the problem. A setting in Malwarebytes? I turned it off, but it didn’t help.

Here’s the extra-screwy part: I have two other computers that work fine, so it can’t be anything wrong with the hotmail accounts.

One is a netbook runnning System 7 and Live Mail connected wirelessly.

The other is a desktop running XP and Live Mail, also wireless.


Is the “Working offline” message in Windows Live Mail? If so, sounds like there is a setting in the File menu to Work Offline. Pull down the File menu and see if it’s selected, if so you can probably select it again to toggle it off.

Control-z’s got the right idea for a solution.

Here’s how it probably happened: Windows live mail got launched and couldn’t connect to the internet (either the computer lost it’s network connection for a bit, or other processes were using so much bandwidth that Live Mail couldn’t reach the server before it timed out). When this happens, most web browsers and email clients switch to offline mode so users can perform some basic tasks without constantly waiting for the program to try to connect to a server each time they perform some action.

Pull down the File menu, look for a “Work Offline” setting. If it’s checked, click it to uncheck it.