I 'broke' my MS Outlook

I seem to have broken my Outlook mail.

I went to log in to my mail and my laptop hadn’t recognised my wireless network yet so I got a messge that basically gave me an option to retry, work offline or cancel.

I ment to hit cancel, but my mouse pointer hung up and, well, I hit work offline.

Now I get the following message:

unable to open your default e-mail folders. The file C:\documents and settings\my name\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook\outlook.ost is not an offline folder.

Now I cannot get it to give me a log in propmt or find a way to make it ‘work online’.

Looking online for technical help has been useless.

Anybody able to help?

In both versions of Outlook I have access to (2000, 2003) just click File, and Work Offline should show a checkmark. Click Work Offline again to clear the checkmark and you should be live.

Re-start your system and it will reset. If the work off line option pops even up after re-starting it’s likely your internet connection is not working properly, or even if your net connection is OK & you are connecting to a remote, off site Outlook server, that server may be down.

I can’t even get outlook to open. It starts to open, but then I get that error message and the only option is to click ‘OK’ and then Outlook closes :frowning: :mad:

I restarted my computer and I still get the same thing.

(This is my work laptop that the Outlook 2003 is on. My personal laptop is working fine and connecting to my home wireless network. I am posting this on my work laptop now.)

Is there a back door into Outlook to clear the work offline option?

From memory IE and Outlook will share the Work Offline status.
Fire up IE and set it to Work Online.
That might fix Outlook.

Yes there is. I’m not at work, but IIRC in Control Panel there is an offline configuration applet for Outlook under “Mail” or “Outlook” or something similar.

Thanks for all the help.

I was able to get it back to giving me a log-in screen however, it’s still givivng me that weird error message. I guess I will call the IT dept. on Monday.

I hate Outlook.

If the corporate email server is down, regardless of whether the net is working or not that is exactly what you’ll get. Sometimes IT Depts will take a server down over the weekend to work on it. If you have an Outlook webmail option for accessing the server try that, and that will tell you definitively whether it’s a Outlook issue or a server issue.