Email notification block?

If a moderator gets tired of a certain thread, but doesn’t want to close it, can she/he stop the email notifications going out from that thread?
Just wondering. :smiley:

Do you mean can we push a button that says “No more ‘bad post’ reports from this thread”? If that’s what you mean, then no. We WILL get every report emailed to us, even if the thread’s closed, as long as that thread is in our official forum(s).

No, Lynn. I mean can you stop email notification from going out to me (and/or everyone) from a thread I’ve subscribed to by selecting “instant email notification” in the Notification Type drop down box when I reply.
I wonder because sometimes when I go to a thread I’ve subscribed to, I find past replies I’ve not been notified about. It happened today on a thread I started about other culture’s foods.
Just curious, actually.

Well, I can delete all subscriptions for a particular user. I can’t unsubscribe someone from any particular thread, that I know of. I know that if the server gets too busy, it will tend to drop tasks, and one of the first tasks it will drop is email related tasks.

That could be it.
Dang. I really wanted a conspiracy.

Well, look in the Pit, there’s a thread about “Bring your pet conspiracy to work day” or something along those lines. You’ll find plenty of conspiracies to pick and choose from.

This happens to me, too. Also, I occasionally get multiple notifications about the same reply.

The email notification feature is, in my experience, far from infallible. I’ve never suspected that moderator skullduggery could have anything to do with it.

Hey, you can’t be too trusting ya know.
Sure, these mods seem all nice and helpful. But make one little mistake and… :eek:
Witness this

Um, did I miss something in that other thread, mangeorge? What exactly do you mean?

Q.E.D. scowled at me for re-opening a long forgotten thread. I didn’t look before posting. Mea culpa.
You know I’m joshing :wink: , right?

If it makes you feel any better, Q.E.D.'s not a mod. So, basically, you were scowled at by another member.

Q.E.D. can scowl at you all he wants but he is not a moderator. Or were you not aware of that?

Yeah, but he’s got those funny letters under his name, and besides he’s cool. :eek:

I was fooled by all those letters. I thought (assumed) that if it didn’t say “member”, the poster was staff. I think of all staff as mods. Yes, I do generalize. Besides, the thread was quickly closed by someone.
Happy Earth Day :wink:

Under, nothing! His name is funny letters.

And he is staff, and some staff are moderators, and all former moderators are also staff, so you were partly right.

mangeorge I don’t think that’s how notification works.
I think if you read the fine print it says it will only notify you once and then it ignores all other posts until you repoen the thread.