Email reminders - best way to do this?

I figured someone here would know how to do this.

I’ll be out of town for a little while later in the month and I need to be able to send DH a couple of reminders via email during that time. Since I do most of the household chores and there are a few that need doing while I am gone (like taking out the trash - I’m not even sure he knows when trash day is), I’d like to be able to set up a reminder that will go into his email box at the appropriate time. I won’t have Internet access while I am gone, so I have to set this up before I leave.

Both of us have a Yahoo account, and while it has a calendar function that allows me to send myself reminders, I can’t figure out how to get it to send any to him. I also have Mozilla Thunderbird as my other email application. There are about a grillion add-ons to that, and I cannot figure how which one will do what I want.

Any suggestions?

Can you use his Yahoo account before you leave and set it up to send the reminders? Or just sit there with him and show him how to set up the reminders?

This can’t be handled by a note on the fridge?

Really? Okay, then I think Gut’s suggestions are spot on.

Showing him how to set up reminders is a non-starter, I’m afraid. If’n I can shoehorn him off the computer long enough to use his account I suppose I can try setting them up myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, isn’t there any way to do this from another account?

Nope, it wouldn’t be so much as glanced at after, say the first time it’s spotted. Competely useless to post something on Monday that needs to be done later in the week.

I want to use email because he checks it a zillion times a day and if I can get the reminder in front of his face at the right time, the stuff has a much better chance of actually getting done.

I use Memo to Me, my sister uses a reminder service based on e-cards. I had to open an account for the Absent Minded Professor; I gather my sister can send them to anybody. Memo to Me lets me set the date and time for a reminder, and allows multiple email reminders for the same event; I gather hers does not.

But there are a number of email reminder services out there. I didn’t really shop around as my needs are simple, lol.

It might be a bit more work than you’re looking for, but if you both join Hipcal, then you can set up and both join a group, and then you can make it so everyone in the group gets email, text message, IM, whatever reminders on certain dates and times.

Thanks! This is just what I need. I started up an account with Memo to Me and it’s all set to go.

bouv, thanks for the link. Hipcal looks like a pretty nice utility. I thought about doing the similar thing with YahooGroups - those groups contain a calendar function which will send out reminders to everyone in the group, but it seemed like a bit of overkill to have a group for just two people.