Embarrassingly famous pop culture that has passed you by...

I’ve not only never seen any of the Mission Impossible movies (was there also a tv show?) but I don’t even know what they’re about. What’s more, I don’t even really know what genre they are, though I suspect it’s… action? I don’t know what the impossible mission is. I don’t know why it’s impossible. I don’t know any characters or a single molecule of the plot.

But it seems like you’re pretty much expected to be familiar with it and I get a “wha, really??” when I say I haven’t seen it.

What about you?
ADDED: Please do not use this thread to talk about things you have avoided because you didn’t like them, or to express your bewilderment that something became popular. This is for things that you didn’t mean to miss, you either weren’t aware of them or didn’t have time, or never got around to it–that kind of thing."

I might be the only 23 year old American in the world who has never seen one episode of the Simpsons.

Harry Potter. Never read any of the books or seen the movies. Don’t have a great desire too, either.

Most Reality shows. I sometimes catch Top Chef, and I watched the first season of Who Wants to be a Superhero, but that’s it. No Survivor, American Idol, Next Top Model, Amazing Race, Project Runway, or whatever other stuff there is. Not even Real World or Road Rules back in the mid to late 90’s when those were popular.

I’ve never seen a single episode of America Idol, or any other reality tv show for that matter. Wait, I take that back, I saw an episode of Don’t forget the Lyrics; I know a former contestant.

The My Humps Fergie is the same Fergie that I know as the Duchess of York, right?

I’ll probably get chased down, flogged, tarred, feathered, drawn, quartered, and crucified for this, but I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies. I think the concept of the Jedi Knight is fascinating and Darth Vader is agreeably the coolest villain ever, but neither of those things has ever motivated me enough to see them. I’ll be 29 in July.

For what it’s worth, I understand enough of the Star Wars culture to get pretty much every joke in Spaceballs. :smiley:

I also never bought into the reality TV craze. I actually find it embarrassing that other nations watch our TV programs and find these shows to be symbolic of our culture, regardless of how much they like them. Hypocritically enough, I love Japanese gameshows. :stuck_out_tongue:

My workplace exposes me to a whole lot of television I would never see otherwise. Not so much watching the show, but seeing that it is on, and noticing the odd character or personality.

I am entirely more aware of American Idol than I wish to be. There is also another of the reality shows that I call “Pimps, and Whores” and although no one actually thinks I think that is the real name of the show, no one fails to know which one I am referring to. I find it slimy, disgusting, and mildly puzzling that so very many young women are willing to crawl through the muck in front of the world. I don’t care for the pimp either, but I didn’t expect to care for him.

I recently got hooked on old TV shows, British comedies, Columbo, and even a few episodes of Zena. With no commercials, and a pause button, these are completely viewable. So, I may entirely miss the next few months of the latest and greatest of new television.

Texting. That I really don’t get. Both parties absolutely must have in hand a device capable of full voice connection to have a text conversation. I would assume that the text part is a way of hiding a basic lack of actual empathy for the person. So, . . . no thanks.


Most of it.

All reality shows
Star Wars
99.99% of blockbuster movies (I think Jurassic Park was the last I saw, fifteen or so years ago, and it sucked.
All that Buffy shit. What is that?
Those strip comics about life in the cubicle or computer nerds.
Most of the rest of it…

Texting is the most useful thing ever. There are plenty of situations where someone wouldn’t be able to take a phone call but would be able to glance down, read a few words, and punch a few words back. Also it lets me ask someone a question and them answer it without us both having to be available at the same time. I can text my boyfriend while he’s at work asking what time he will be home, and when he gets a moment he can text me back, and I get the answer even if I happened to be in the shower or something when it came in. There are plenty of times when someone would not answer the phone (say, if they’re about to do something and don’t want to end up stuck in a conversation) but could easily and willingly pop a reply back to a text message. It could be argued that back and forth voicemail could be used the same way, but it takes a lot longer and it’s a much bigger pain. I’m a lot more likely to go “oh look, I have a text message, let me read it now” than I am to go “oh look, I have voicemail, I’ll go listen to it now.” It’s not an instead-of-talking thing, it’s an additional and useful tool for communication.

I’ve never seen an episode of Survivor, or most sitcoms from the last 10 years. I generally don’t watch mega-blockbuster movies anymore (haven’t seen Transformers, for instance), I no longer recognize the songs or even the artists on most of the top 40. I’ve seen less than 5 episodes of Seinfeld, and didn’t even know it existed until maybe a year before it ended. Never saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the movie or the tv show. The only episode of The X-Files I ever saw was one we watched in a college English class (FWIW I liked it.)

I almost said I’ve never read a John Grisham book but then I remembered having read The Client. Ditto Anne Rice, but then I remembered having read Interview with the Vampire. Apart from those two, I don’t think I’ve read any of the books by the modern ultra-bestsellers (I’m looking at you, DaVinci Code.)

I’m 26.

Besides all the reasons that OpalCat mentioned, texting is also useful when you need to convey information to or ask a question of someone who has difficulty processing auditory input, and you’re away from a computer so you can’t email them. Most of the year, I’m in Montana, and my mom is in Washington, but I have stuff to tell her or ask her several days a week. Between my habit of speaking too quickly, a poor connection, and my mom’s auditory processing problems, it makes much more sense for us to keep most of our conversations to email and texts. A lot of people can’t see the point in texting but totally understand email- texting is like email from another platform in a lot of ways.

Texting is also good for giving information that would be handy to have written down. Often I’ll be on the phone with my boyfriend, and I need to give him an address or phone number. Usually we just say “I’ll text it to you when we’re off the phone” that way he doesn’t have to find something to write it on and then keep track of a piece of paper.

Related : Am I the only 25 year old who doesn’t see the need for Myspace, Facebook, or anything similar?

That would probably go back to that whole “having a life” thing we briefly discussed in Haggle. It seems people that are not us want to contact people. I don’t get it either.

(I have a myspace account somewhere…I think I’ve logged onto it 3 times in the last 3 years)

I have never had a Myspace page.

I have never seen an entire episode of Seinfeld, but I actually gave it a try so I’m not sure if this counts.

Against my better judgment I tried sushi once, and it’s exactly as terrible as I expected. People make entire cultural lifestyles out of this nasty food.

I have never heard Free Bird or Stairway to Heaven.

This came as a surprise to me, but apparently it’s a big deal that I don’t know who Corky is. I have a feeling that counts here.

A close friend of mine somehow made it to adulthood without ever seeing any of the Star Wars movies. I dragged him along to see the “Special Edition” of the original Star Wars in theaters, but I didn’t get him to watch The Empire Strikes Back until we rented it in 2000 or so. We arrived at the climactic scene . . . .

Darth Vader: I am your father!
My friend: OH MY GOD!!!

Pretty much every Top 10 hit in my lifetime.

I’m actually 29, but no, I don’t use them either. I think I might have signed up for a Facebook acount at some point, but once I registered, I never returned.

More things I don’t know about.

Amy Winehouse. I have read about her in the paper, she has a drug problem, I believe? Other than that I don’t really know who she is.

Lost I’ve seen a couple of episodes, but didn’t really like it. What’s the fuss all about?

Anything on MTV the last 14 years, save for Jackass.