Embrassing moments in the office

I got up from my desk just then to retrieve a paper. Not noticing that my keyboard cord was wrapped around both my legs.

I did a very loud face plant. Ouch!

Please tell me some things you’ve done, so I can get over my own embarrassment.

Just farting. Audibly. In front of a vendor. Thank heaven he wasn’t a regular, and I haven’t seen him again. We both pretended it didn’t happen. I probably should have said “excuse me”, but this way, maybe he wonders if he’s the one who did it.

No? Yeah, probably not. Sigh.

Pam, I feel your pain. I was working 16 hour days on-site for my former employer (as opposed to in the office) and as I was wandering through the office on the way to my 'cube, around 9 pm, I let one rip. The plant runs 24/7/350, there were at least three people in the office at the time. I ducked and hid for about 30 minutes.

Lately, and strangely, whenever I wear suspenders with my suits, I have a 50/50 chance of forgetting to zip-up my fly after going to the restroom. Only when wearing suspenders, though, which sucks because I like the look and I’ve got some really nice silk ones… Anyway, odd.

a co worker was going on site for the first time. she was dressed to the nines, going for that “i’m a professional” look. she gets to the job site and falls down a flight of stairs, landing at the bottom of the stairs, at the feet of the contractor, with her skirt over her head. physically she was a bit bruised, but alright. mentally…

thinksnow The suspenders thing is easy.

Sans suspenders, you probably perform the same three actions after using the facilities. Pull up your pants, snap or button them, and zip your fly.

When you’re wearing the suspenders, dealing with them becomes the third thing. Pull up pants, snap, put suspenders back over your shoulders.

So you’ve done your usual three things, and then you stop. Seems perfectly natural to me. :slight_smile:
BTW, are you “think snow” or “thinks now”?

He’s “thin ksnow.” It’s Norwegian.

My wife was talking to a male coworker who suddenly looked at her chest. As it was sudden (rather than the usual staring), she looked down. Turns out some of her blouse snaps were undone, and she had put her hands on her hips, spreading the fabric apart. She was wearing a bra, but still…

“Is this a bust?”

**rocking chair **

Bwahahahaha! I would have loved to have see that!

It’s the first one, Pam, and your theory makes sense.

St. Attila’s third choice for your name works even better.

Well, I was using my breastpump (for milk for my son, not for enlargement purposes) and stood up, blouse open, hands clamping the horns to my hooters. I look over and realize I’m on a sightline with someone across the street in the upstairs coffee shop. Hello! But not a co-worker.

More weird than embarrassing: I was working late in the back with all other lights off. A coworker stopped back in to the office with her husband, whom she’d met up with at a nearby bookstore. They proceeded to get into a loud, screaming fight during which she divulged his psychological problems. I just hunkered down and HID. I couldn’t leave–didn’t make ANY noise–until they left. She never knew I heard it all, never knew I was there.