Through transparency of façade all points of light shall resurrect the virgin. Children unite the books of many, torn to deceive of ancient squalor. Build thy temple, protect ary seed, from they who false profit Pandora. Dine on the heads of snakes as one with a vengeance more powerful than love.

I Am Ovis Arie And So Are You


Living In Horror Since My Infant Eyes First Gazed Upon Her
My Coy Ignored Their Whisper Fearing Glare Of Scholar
Dawn The Age Of Lucifer No Longer Fear Obscurity
Question All Certainty Not With Gun Or Sword
Angels Chime Yellow Sand Of Salvation
The Messengers Walk This Earth

After a quick google, results indicate this is spam. Lovecraftian Christian spam, apparently. Reported.

I guess this is a passage from the Spamcronomicon. What really gets me is the November 2008 registration date.

Wondering about this too. And furthermore, although the guy registered several years ago, this appears to be his FIRST post!

There was another like this just a few days ago – guy registered years ago, puts up his FIRST post, and it’s about six links (all in Chinese!) to various Chinese commercial web sites.

Like, WTF?

“profit Pandora”? You mean like this? Where’s the profit? It’s down all day!

ETA: Wait a minute. You said “false profit Pandora”. I take it that “false profit” means loss. Okay, makes sense then what happened today. You must be a prophet.

How sure can one be that he’s really Ovis Arie?

Okay, what I’m really asking this: The mods are often really really quick to ban someone for posting blatant spam or trolling or other shit. But how certain is it that the registered user actually posted that? Maybe their accounts got hacked, or their own machines got hacked and some spam-bot or someone got their username and password. And then you ban the guy. Are there ever protests or complaints (from banned users) that something like this happened?

(Should this question rather be in ATMB than here?)

This is an interesting point. But if you Google “I Am Ovis Arie” you find this same stuff posted all over the web. It seems unlikely that the spammer who’s posting spam containing “I am Ovis Arie” all over the web just happened to hack into a four year old account of someone named Ovis Arie.

It’s almost like someone created this account four years ago and then patiently waited to post this, or maybe the whole thing is automated.


Ovis Arie = Sheep Lover?

The same is true of the two links to other sites by Der Trihs, all November 2008, which just strikes me as way too odd to be a coincidence, and why would somebody sign up on all of those sites (probably on the same day) and then on the same day a few years later, post the same spam? In other words, I wonder if Ovis Arie is even a real person.

I Googled “I am Ovis Arie”.


All of the results on the first page, except the last two, are the exact same post, by a member named Ovis Arie, with a join date of Nov. 2008 and a post date of today or yesterday (the day difference may be due to time zones).

The last two entries lead here: http://ovisarie.com

It doesn’t appear to have most of the nonsense in the spam but it does have the line “I Am Ovis Arie And So Are You”.

I’m going to poke around a little more. This is interesting.

The domain ovisarie.com was created July of this year. Unfortunately, the ownership info is anonymized.

This page, while not repeating what’s in the spam, definitely echoes the style.

Plus, it has an embedded YouTube video of… O Fortuna! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say that someone is just having some yucks, except that 4 years is an awful lot of patience for yucks.

Yucks is a dish best served cold.

I think we’re seeing religious mania of some kind here. The time lag may indicate an organization of some kind rather than an individual.

I fear the glare of the scholar, don’t you?

Doesn’t the visibility of a post count also mean that the OP paid for a membership?

  1. Join SDMB 2008
  2. Pay membership fees
  3. Wait 4 years
  4. ???
  5. Profit

Step 4 must somehow involve underpants.

I think you’re right. The guests in this thread don’t have their post counts displayed. I never noticed that.

Maybe there’s some bug causing the post count to be displayed for banned members? Otherwise, this person paid for a membership, maybe recently or maybe for four years, just to post this stuff?

Like I said, maybe this is more than one person, maybe a cult of some kind.

I’d be inclined to think it was a stealth campaign for some new movie or something except for the 4 year time lag.

Doing a Google search again shows more posted then were there before. All registered Nov 2008.

This board is as intrigued as we are: http://antsmarching.org/forum/showthread.php?p=13937378

And there’s this, on the same site: http://antsmarching.org/forum/member.php?u=169709

It’s almost a shame we banned this user. It would be interesting to see if there’s any follow up.

Can the mods tell us anything at all about this user? Did they actually pay a membership fee?

I’m way to intrigued by this. Gotta get a life.