Emily Procter of CSI Miami gets Hollywood fat lips

She was always very pretty. Last Sunday as I flipped by CSI was on. Emily was talking to another actor and her lips were not moving properly. She has gone for the Hollywood “fatlip” treatment. It looks terrible. I have not seen the program is quite a while, when did her looks fall apart?

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twicks, who doesn’t usually watch that show but for some reason caught it Sunday and was trying to figure out if it was the same actress or not, because she looked like shit with her mouth all puffed up like that

I don’t know why they think it looks good?

I call them “memory foam lips.” Palin has the worst pair I’ve ever seen.

AAAAAGGGGGGHH! She has become The Joker’s latest victim!

I can’t tell from the linked picture nor any of the few I scanned on Google. Anyone have a better one? She’s a very pretty girl but she really irks me on the show.

I’d nominate another CSI star, Marg Helgenberger, for the worst troutpout lips. Hers look like hamburger - like she’s had them inflated and deflated so many times that they’ve lost all human form.

I guess CSI stands for Cosmetic Surgery Injury

Ewww! no, scroll down the page a bit further and take a look at Pete burns. :eek:

No, I tell a lie. THIS is the absolute worst one: http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/2010/09/06/her-name-is-priscilla-caputo/


If we’re just talking about lip injections, sure. But for plastic surgery in general? Jocelyn Wildenstein is still the undefeated queen. The woman is the Winchester Mystery House of plastic surgery…it never ends. She just keeps adding rooms…er, “improvements”.

I thought her lips were puffy because she’s pregnant, not plastic surgery.

Do you have a picture of her that actually shows her with puffed up lips? Because that picture shows nothing of the sort.

Yeah, some before/after pics might help us figure this out.

I agree. I am not seeing the puffy lips. Something looks weird, like she’s had work done but not the lips. She looks like maybe she’s had cheek implants.

She definitely had work done on her lips, and I find it distracting looking at her on the show. She should have left her lips alone. I do not get what motivates women to do that, but of course I don’t have to contend with the pressure of being on television. I like her – I especially liked her on West Wing – but she’s messing herself up with those bad lips. And she does have a fuller faced look due to the pregnancy. But pregnancy doesn’t make your lips blow up. She had to get injections/a procedure to achieve that bad look. I hope she realizes she screwed up and doesn’t do it again. Maybe she thought her lips needed to be more in proportion to her face, which is bloated from the pregnancy, but she’s very wrong about that. It just makes her look more bloated and unnatural and freaky. She could age beautifully naturally if she would stay away from needless procedures. And I TOTALLY agree re: Marg Helenberger. I used to think she was beautiful, but now – mainly because of her creepy lips – it creeps me out and makes me uncomfortable to look at her. What are these women thinking?

Holy Christ! Will fire kill it?

Actually, Wildenstein has finally figured out what the rest of us had lone known - that she had gone too far. Her more recent round of surgeries have been restoring her face back to a more normal appearance. picture

I was watching “the closer” the other day and couldn’t stop looking at Kyra Sedgwick’s lips.

They don’t appear any different than ever. She has a very wide mouth. They even made fun of it in one episode a few seasons back where she was working undercover with a makeup artist/suspect who told her lipstick made her mouth look enormous.