Emo Phillips is HOT!!!

Burning hot! I can barely contain myself!
What? He is!!! :smiley:

HAHAHAHA! Somebody PLEASE lure that hunk of burnin’ love to the message board!


I still think pezpunk is the Hottest. Or… maybe scott evil. I keep getting the two confused.

And absolutely funny as hell:

Emo’s Famous Cole Slaw Recipe

Chop cabbage into large bowl.
Look for green peppers.
Drive to store.
Choose green peppers.
Carry them to a cashier.
Drive home.
Find money.
Drive to store.
Buy green peppers.
Drive home.
Chop green peppers into bowl.
Look for mayonnaise.
Drive to stupid store.
Buy mayonnaise.
Drive home.
Mix mayonnaise into bowl.
Look for lousy raisins.
Drive to store.
Ignore cashier’s ignorant snickering.
Buy stupid lousy raisins.
Drive home.
Mix raisins into bowl.
Look for stupid lousy miserable damned stinking carrots.
Drive to blasted stupid lousy store.
Buy lousy miserable damned stinking stupid carrots.
Yell at stupid ignorant Nazi redneck store personnel for laughing at you.
Crawl to car.
Drive home.
Chop stupid lousy miserable damned stinking lousy stupid lousy miserable stupid stinking lousy carrots into bowl.
Look for finger.
Look harder for finger.
Look everywhere for finger.
See cat scurrying away.
Chase cat out door.
Follow cat into new neighbor’s house, surprising him in the middle of a crack deal.
Dive over sofa to escape automatic weapon fire, landing on cat’s tail, causing cat to jump up screeching and claw new neighbor’s eyes as he’s bending over the sofa to shoot you, enabling you to grab automatic weapon from his hand and hold it on him and other crack dealer until police arrive, arrest them, and drive you and cat to hospital, where cat’s stomach is pumped, finger is found and it’s sewn on good as new.
Collect reward of half of neighbor’s property from police drug dealer auction, then just buy all the ready-made coleslaw you want from a nice deli.


(I am so sorry, forgot the link)

Emo’s Fabulous Web Site

Wow, I’m glad I didn’t post what I was originally going to.

Pezpunk, I thought this was a picture of you goofing around, and you thought you looked a bit like Emo Phillips.

I do have to say, I think he looks better now than how I remember him looking.

Hey, he’s a friend of Weird Al’s-he can’t be ALL BAD.

(Is he a bit slow or something?)

Actually, Emo is anything but slow. He’s a really sharp guy and a bit strange to boot. I met him only once and he won’t shake hands with anybody because he has a fear of germs.

Perhaps he has matured a bit.

It’s just that he talks kind of like he’s slow. At least the one time I saw him, on the Behind the Music special on Weird Al.

Wow, he looks so old! And so different! Weird.

He was surprisingly good as the bully in Home Movies.

  • Watch out or I’m gonna mop the foor with you face*

  • Oh yeah, well you won’t be able to get into the corners *
    Emo is brilliant and Guina he is not slow it is just is own odd sense of timing.

I live a couple of miles from Emo Phillips. I don’t know exactly where he lives, but on the Weird Al “Behind the Music”, he shows that one check and it says he lives on Maple Ave in Downers Grove, IL. I just drove over that road about an hour ago.

heh heh heh … won’t be able to get in the corners. That’s rich.