Emoji title test πŸ˜€ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜„ 😁 πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚ ☺️ 😊 πŸ˜‡

just testing. The title should be

Emoji title test :grinning: :smiley: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grin: :laughing: :joy: :relaxed: :blush: :innocent:

Kill it with fire!!!

Nuke it from orbit!!!


Dammit, ANSI graphics were good enough for us back in the day!


lol, go on with your bad self Big T :stuck_out_tongue:


ETA: Nope, that ones not there.

Sticking with just the subject line thingies:

Firefox: shows all
Chrome and Vivaldi (Chromium base): All but the first one.
Classic Opera: Only the plain one 3rd from the right.

So, we’re going to get poop symbols in thread titles now.

Great. Just … great.

My Android w Chrome renders 9 yellow face icons in different expressions.

My IE11 on Win8.1 renders 6 differing blackline icons of faces, a single character that looks like β€œ17.” in a small (~5pt) Times Roman-like font, then two more differing blackline face icons.

The differences between the icons can be subtle at best. There is no reliable correspondence between the expressions on the faces on Android vs. Windows. Some are similar; some are not.

I guess the punchline is that if you don’t care in the slightest what your audience sees, go ahead and pepper your work with emoji.

It seems it would be easier, and just as effective, to end each post with a line or two of cat-on-the-keyboard:

sfdhf g h k b w I oufhuitcny7c beafgm g e tg et ert e 9u7
svc 7878 6 878s v sdfvsd f8uy7 6 7 8 678zc78zxc867 67 78 786 87zxcv678yuzv87 786yzx87cz78c

Nauseous? :nauseated_face:

Careful, someone may track you down for that.

Android/Chrome: A green face wearing a worried frown.
Win 8.1/IE11: Just a small square box.

My (ancient, I don’t even know what version, but I’ve stuck with it because it works well enough) Windows Firefox renders them like this.

why do you hate progress?! :mad:

You’d think there would be better standardization.

It’s a long list of issues: The emoji are an afterthought being added to Unicode more or less for fun by enthusiasts.

Then somebody at each and every OS company has to incorporate this weeks’ crop of new emoji into a font. Then somebody at each and every computer or OS company has to distribute that as an update to all the computers, tablets, and phones of the entire world. And each and every citizen has to have all those updates enabled and installed without error.

Last of all, a few years ago Apple decided to get cute, and replace the actual emoji characters with little graphics that are β€œfancier”. So of course Android felt they had to follow suit.

So now for every emoji, there’s how it looks on each font on each OS, then how it looks as replaced by an image on each version of Apple’s products, and how it looks as replaced by an image on each version of Android’s products.

All in all, this cutesy little β€œharmless indulgence” has turned into a rattlesnake for everyone it touches.
To end the rant, the little square box is Windows’ way of saying: β€œI don’t have a font that knows how to draw that symbol. Your guess of what it’s supposed to look like is as good as mine” Apple, of course, uses a different symbol to mean the same thing. As does Android.

So even when everybody’s machine agrees they can’t draw something, they can’t even agree on how to not draw it.

Emoji are an afterthought in terms of font support, maybe. But not in terms of being added to Unicode. They were a huge deal. It’s font developers who largely don’t care.

Emoji started because one guy in Japan saw the little pictures often used in Japanese signs and thought it might be good to have little pictures in his mobile Internet app, back in 1999. From there, many phone companies added their own little pictures for texting, but with no standardization. These usually had less than 100.

Unicode exists to standardize such characters, making them work everywhere. So, in 2007, both Apple and Google proposed that emoji be added to Unicode. This would allow them to support the little icons on their phones more easily. It took until 2010 to agree on exactly what emoji to add, and what additional ones might be useful in other markets besides Japan. They add about 600 and reclassify about 100 more preexisting characters as emoji.

From there, of course, emoji take off. So, of course, more are proposed to be added. The emoji become a selling point for Apple and Google. There are also quite a few, and they aren’t necessarily the easiest to distinguish in black and white. So Apple has the idea to change them to color, which people like even more. Since there is no standard way to do this, we get various other OSes and apps creating their own color emoji.

Having a standard also means that other websites don’t have to implement their own smileys (like we have). So emoji spreads on different platforms as an easy way to implement smileys without extra work. They do include their own images, just like websites have done for ages.

Now Apple has gone further. You can now make animated emoji that use facial recognition on your device. The emoji themselves are usually quite huge, even without animation. There are these things called β€œstickers” that I don’t fully understand. People really love the idea of sending premade pictures over their phones.

The font developers, on the other hand, struggle to keep up. It was a while before we even agreed upon how to put emoji in a particular font. Apple still has their own way that is different from Microsoft. And it may also be different for Android: I don’t know. Unicode may be standard, but emoji themselves are still in huge flux.

And that is why implementation is so spotty.

As for them looking different: that’s to be expected. Characters look different in different fonts. Problem is, it’s the nuances are more important in pictures than they are in standard characters. We have yet to come to a consensus on what aspects of the images are important, and what can be personalized to a particular font.

We’ve had most of these other characters for centuries. Emoji are just this year old enough to vote.

For the record, my MacBook Pro running Safari shows all the faces in BigT’s title and all three emojis in Sage Rat’s title.

Poop emojis. This place has really gone down hill.

This is a daring thread. Surely it will upset the natural order!

Hey! No fair! You have your own personal emoji.

I want one too! But I have no idea what it’d look like. Hmm, that might be an obstacle.


Slightly more seriously …

I wonder how many Dopers have a reasonable claim there’s an emoji of their name? You’ve certainly got it nailed. I dug around in the roster for a couple of obvious ideas but came up empty handed.