Emoticon <3

What is this symbol supposed to resemble: <3

A heart?

Ok, that makes sense. Someone used it next to the name of a person he liked.

Or a comatose Mouse
Or a double-scoop ice cream cone on its side

For a long time, I thought they were testicles. Honestly. I couldn’t understand why people were saying “I teabag you”, but thought it was the new hip net slang.

My private whooshing shame :frowning:

There’s also the opposite of: <3



And the classic “angry boob”:


(Or is it supposed to be a lion? I can’t tell.)

Today was the first time I’d seen it, and my first thought was “scrotum”. So, you’re not alone.

If I remember correctly from my AOL days, the scrotum one is:


Ok, I always got the heart…and love how in googletalk it is one of the (very few) animated ones. Your “angry boob” looks like a scrotum to me!

I knew it to be a heart. Scrotum looks correct. I always like the joint </////>`` which looks a bit too close to the tampon <////>~~~~

The only way those could be scrotums is if triangular penises are the norm in your world. :dubious:

</3 = castration?

It’s a heart ^^

No, it should be:

#=====D - - -

Funny… I’d always seen it as a variant of this…


Anyway, I’d seen <3 for a long time, but I never saw anything other than “less than three”… especially since most other emoticons are turned the other way. It wasn’t until I asked the person who kept using it that I got it… sigh.


Just thinking, that could be a scrotum from the back…

I don’t know why I’m still laughing at angry boobs!

wouldn’t a scrotum from the back look more like…


*It’s upside-down…

()))crayola)))_]> was always my favorite useless internet thing when I was 13 and used chatrooms. I do use the <3 with my bf on text messages when I want to be cutesy and lame though.

I quite like (:3=, which of course came from the Dope!

The one I didn’t get until I looked it up was XD, whcih appears a lot on YouTube. It’s supposed to be a face with a big grin, presumably with its eyes closed.

And, of course, there’s the shitty emoticon (literally) from Me and You and Everyone We Know, depicting an endless cycle of cross-pooping: ))<>((