Employed by someone you totally disagree with (Morally, politically)

I’m the type of guy who avoids Hobby Lobby, Chic Fil A and the Salvation Army due to their political/moral beliefs. I just feel there are other places for my chicken sandwich needs than Chic Fil A.

I work for a large family owned company and during a speech at a company wide event yesterday, the owner (whom I have never met, she is very hands off) said some political things that I simply don’t agree with.

Came home and did some research and she is involved with some of the most right wing elements in my state. The family gives lots of money to what I feel are questionable causes. Now if this was a private business, I would not spend my money there. But in this case, she signs my paychecks.

I love the job and it was difficult to find a job in this economy. I also realize that I am a tiny cog in the machine, yes I contribute to the company success but it’s not like I’m a million dollar salesman. Quitting is not really an option, I get paid pretty well and the benefits are good.

I’m interested in hearing from people who have worked for companies that they didn’t personally agree with. I’m making money for a family who then turns around and financially supports things I never in a million years would. This situation has probably occurred with previous jobs, but that type of knowledge wasn’t readily available.

A little knowledge truly is a dangerous thing.

Tough situation. Maybe use it as motivation to volunteer for your favored causes and candidates? You can’t outspend her, but hands-on aid is often a lot more valuable than just throwing cash around, and you get to be directly involved in change, which feels a lot better.

You love the job, and the pay and benefits are pretty good. That is a good gig. And the owner is mostly hands off? That is a great gig.

Spend your earnings how you see fit. Respect the owner enough to have her do the same.

Short of working for yourself how could you be certain the owner of any other company you might work for would spend his/her profits in a way you support?

Which would be fine if the owner wasn’t including her political beliefs in company events. Would the owner be fine with the OP putting up flyers for his political beliefs during company events?

Reality is you shouldn’t hurt yourself by leaving your job for ideological reasons, esp in this economy. But I feel your pain.

U.S. Army, 25 years. That answer your question?

You have no moral choice but to quit.

I’m kidding, of course. If you quit, you’ll certainly harm your own ability to support the causes you like, and according to your own assessment of yourself as a small cog in the business you’ll harm her ability far less.

I don’t say that you shouldn’t keep an eye out for a good alternative job, and of course on a personal level I’d be happy to see lefty causes lose support, but seriously: it’s unreasonable for you to expect that every aspect of your life conform to your political beliefs. Keep the job, donate to Greenpeace and Amnesty International, and attend a Free Mumia rally – you’ll feel better.

Yeah, so’s your boss. Unless you think she’d contribute to the same things you support with the money she pays you. Do you think she sits up at night worrying about the ethics of helping you support your dirty liberal causes with money from her company?

I’d think of this as just another one of the pros and cons associated with any job: salary, commute, hours, job responsibilities, owner’s politics. In this case, it sounds like the other factors might outweigh this one, but that doesn’t mean you don’t keep an eye out for other opportunities.

My boss and I are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, though I try not to let that bother me. I make sure never to reveal my political/social views at work, though.

Sounds like your employer is truly evil…expressing their 1st amendment rights; employing people in good jobs that give the employees a sense of fulfillment; providing goods and services to customers that value those things.

Just terrible.

When I was young and starry-eyed I hoped to live my life in a morally pure way. My morals, that is.

Early on that translated to walking off two jobs where I felt my moral position was compromised.
It took a while to figure out that the best way to maintain purity is in complete isolation. In order to make a difference you have to rub elbows with teh evil.

You don’t compromise your morals; you compromise your circumstances. This requires learning to become comfortable with a degree of cognitive dissonance.

Exactly this. Politics and Religion are things you don’t bring to the office. That doesn’t mean they never get discussed, but just disagreeing with someone’s politics doesn’t mean you can’t work for them.

And I say that as a guy that avoid Hobby Lobby and Chik-Fil-A too. Sure, my boss tells Obama jokes. I just grin and bear it. Not anything worth getting worked up about, especially when I love my job otherwise. I view his politics like his religion - he grew up with it, he accepts it as an article of faith, and trying to change his mind on it is just going to piss us both off. We still have a great working relationship.

The CEO of my company is a die hard conservative Republican. We don’t discuss politics other than on occasion in a joking way. The only thing that does bother me is when he gives me pledges he’s made to donate to right to life organizations. I hate putting my name on those checks but it is my job so I do it.

I’m not seeing the issue.
You live in a free society.
You have the freedom to support whom/what/etc. you choose. So does everyone else in this great society.
You’re delusional if you think you can avoid everyone that doesn’t support the same causes as you.
How would you feel if your employer fired you or reduced your benefits and you suspect it’s because of your different beliefs?!?

Dunk your balls in her coffee

In some states, his boss has the right to fire him for any reason. Including finding out that his beliefs don’t match hers. So I’d advise him to keep his lip zipped while at work. The weather is a safe topic–but discussion of Climate Change might set off somebody’s alarms. Even if the boss isn’t around, there’s the Company Culture to consider.

Generally, I’d advise the OP to continue doing a good job, but keep his eyes out for other opportunities. Quitting right now would not be wise–but thinking of the future is. He should save his money–but I hope he’s earning enough to contribute to his causes.

A lot of people work for companies with whom they don’t agree. Suck it up.

Honestly. I think it’s a terrible thing if we start to feel like we can’t associate with those we disagree with because even the association might be construed as support.

Character is doing the right thing when it’s difficult, not just when it’s easy.

I briefly worked for a doctor who, in the room with almost every patient, would start in with his ultra-conservative political views in an extremely insulting-to-liberals way. At first I thought, “meh, whatever, I can deal with this” but I ended up leaving because I just couldn’t take it anymore. If your boss is like that, I’d understand you leaving a good job over it. But you had to actually investigate her to find out? Yeah, not worth leaving over.