employer being assholes about time off

Argh. I have a doctors appointment next week. Id like to take an early lunch hour. Nope. I need to take time off unpaid or take half or full vacation day. I have jury duty coming up. Nope unpaid or vacation day. Heaven forbid if they actually put me on jury. I have a little surgery scheduled. Not emergency but not for fun. Gee I don’t know if u have enuff pto saved up but since it is a medical issye i suppose we can let u take vacation for those couple days even tho u haven’t technically earned them. Fuck I hate these people. Fucking bizarre.

What state are you in? Some states require employers to pay employess who are on jury duty.


I’m in Illinois. I looked it up last nite and no luck. I’m on salary too. Forgot to mention. Have appointment with my surgeon and I can’t take early lunch hour. If there were other jobs available I would so be there. And insurance sucks so I’m Prolly gonna have to pay for most of surgery myself. Yay me.

They only hurt themselves. Make me take unpaid day allows me to take vacation day later. If they want their employees to be in the office more often they would be more flexible. To me its only money. To them its a missing warm body.

I pit your shitty grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills.

This is one of the few corners of the internet in which those things matter. Your OP was , figuratively, painful to read.

Shape up or ship out.

One thing I do love about my employer. I can take sick time to take my Mom or Dad to the Doctor let alone myself. I wouldn’t even have to bother with an early lunch hour since I have about 800 hours of sick leave saved up…

Someone who can’t properly space a comma has no business critiquing other people’s writing. And diggerwam’s post was perfectly legible to anyone who’s not a dillhole.

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So what? It’s full of errors, and on this board those are annoying.

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If I understand correctly you are complaining because you might not be compensated for hours you have not worked? What makes it ok for you to get paid while a coworker must work for his/her money? Is shifting your workload onto your coworkers a habitual thing for you?

You’re salaried but they’re treating you like you’re hourly, I bet they make you work a lot of unpaid overtime too. Next time you’re sick and can’t afford to take time off maybe you can accidentally puke on the person in charge of approving time off.

Does your taking an early lunch affect anyone at all besides you?

No, he/she just wants to take his lunch break early. I think you’re right about the surgery thing, though, and I don’t understand why the OP is bitching about that.

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Are you salaried and Exempt or just salaried? Exempt employees generally cannot be forced to take any pay deductions for days when they show up to work at all. I suppose they can enforce when you take your lunch but that is starting to run afoul of what being Exempt means if that is the case. Their benefit is they get unlimited free overtime if they need it. See if you are Exempt or not because, if you are, what they are doing may be illegal.


No. Taking Lunch two hours earlier than scheduled affects no one. By insisting on a half day vacation or unpaid time they are just hurting themselves. The only reason y I brought up surgery is because, I don’t know, maybe I expect I little leniency of the rules because I’m hurting. I have enough things to worry about, like the biopsy why bust my balls about not having enough PTO? I’ll make you a deal if I do quit before I earn enough PTO you can deduct it from my last paycheck. Yes maybe I’m old fashioned but I expect my employers to care about their employees and to treat them well, maybe even get a tiny bit of special consideration in certain circumstances. And if they don’t I have every reason to feel unappreciated and unmotivated if they treat me like poo. If you treat employees like this don’t expect anything but the bare minimum.

Are you in a job where task coverage is very important? Like taking calls or responding to customers? If so, I could understand the company being inflexible on the hours you work since they are trying to maintain a certain level of productivity during work hours.

Are you in a government job or a job where a lot of non-motivated people work? If so, they may need to be strict with the hours to prevent everyone from exploiting that flexibility to come in late, have long lunches, and leaving early.

But if your work is mostly flexible like writing computer programs or documentation, then it seems your boss is being overly strict.

Chicken or egg. I think you need to be self loathing and not motivated and no self esteem to work here. Which is exactly how the owners want it. I’ve seen no proof otherwise. No work coverage issues. I sit here and Fuck with complicated spreadsheets. Very rarely will I ever have deadline.

Sounds like an asshole boss who gets off by controlling his employees. If you’re working on spreadsheets, what does it matter when you take a lunch? The spreadsheet will wait until you get back.

This will backfire on the boss since the employees get fed up with this and will eventually look for a company which treats its people like adults. Maybe you can do a little job searching on during your lunch hour from exactly 12 to 1 and not a minute later.

I might have to pit you for using Yahoo! Answers as a citation. :mad: