End of BST Party Thread! (One hour only)

Yes, it’s that time of year once again; the end of British Summer Time! . So come, all, and make merry! Partake of the Hors d’œuvre, and sup at yon wine till your head splits in twain! Because, at 1:00 this fine morning,just an hour from now, the clocks will be set back one hour and this will all never have happened!

So let us drink, steal, and debauch like there’s no tomorrow! Thanks to the wonders of daylight saving time, time travel will be accessible to us mere mortals! Hooray for no hangovers! clinks glasses

Well, that was an entirely pointless thread :smack:

Well, y’see most of us Brits are supposed to be asleep. It’s a bit like posting a question on Judaism on the Sabbath.

If you’d care to celebrate the end of US Daylight Saving Time tonight at 2AM, feel free.

Plus, he can do it over and over as the time zones tick by.

HUZZAH for not only was it the end of BST last night but this weekend the clock at Big Ben is stopped for maintenance!!!

It’s currently stuck at Midnight Friday night - and when it restarts on Monday it will be Saturday again!!!

I usually go to be an hour earlier than usual when the clocks go back. In fact, last night I actually slept from about 23.00 (BST) to 05.38 (GMT) which was the best kip I have had in about two months.

On a trip to Memphis (Tennessee, rather than Egypt) a few years ago, I was caught out because the clocks went back the night I arrived but nobody told me. For 2 days I couldn’t understand why I was late for everything: for example, my mate and I went to a Memphis Redbirds game at the appointed hour but it was already in the 5th inning. We also went to Rev. Al Green’s church - luckily we’d missed the first hour’s worth (but still managed to catch about 2 hours’ malarky. Unfortunately, Rev. Al himself was absent).