Ending of John Wick 3 (obviously, spoilers).

I wanted to ask 'dopers who have seen John Wick 3 what they thought the ending meant. Obviously, there will be spoilers for the movie in this thread so, if you haven’t seen it…well, what the hell is wrong with you!!! Go out and buy a freaking ticket already and go see the thing!

I’m not looking for a critique of the movie here, just…well, what do you think the ending meant? I see two possibilities. Winston set this up and meant for John to LOOK like he had been killed as part of his and the Continental’s first move in a full on war with the High Table. That seems the most likely to me. Whether John was in on it or not, I don’t know…he sure seemed shocked at the end when Winston shot him, but he could have been playing his part. The other possibility I suppose is it was just as shown…Winston betrayed John in order to raise his own power within the High Table or maybe even to position himself as a possible player, perhaps with an eye towards his own seat. Either story line could play out in a new John Wick 4, though I am hoping it’s the former and not the later, as I think that’s more interesting. Thoughts?

Also, was there any point to John going to North Africa and talking to the head of the High Table, cutting off his finger and giving his ring and fealty? Seemed like it didn’t really do anything for him. He was still hunted when he went back to New York, and he pretty much immediately betrayed the fealty he swore or whatever and didn’t go ahead and kill Winston, so it seemed rather pointless to me. It was the one real disconnect for me in the movie. I can suspend all sorts of disbelief for magic guns and head shots and magic bullet proof armor that can stop even close range rifle fire and the rest…but that was a bit strange to me and definitely a disconnect. Can you guys see any point to that whole thing except to increase the run time of the movie??

I’m glad no dogs were harmed in the shooting of millions of henchmen in this film. Oh and ETA: Man, John Wick killed a mother fucker with a fucking HORSE! How cool was that?

I don’t think John was in on it but Winston did it knowing there was a good chance he would survive. Shooting the guy a bunch of times in his bulletproof suit to push him off the ledge seems awfully complicated when a single shot to the head would have worked. He knew the shots wouldn’t kill him and throwing him over the side would remove him from the adjudicators sight.

That said, the way the fall was depicted was absolutely brutal and he should have died about five different times.

Didn’t that guy shoot Halle Berry’s dog after she refused to give him the dog? That’s why she shot him and started the whole firefight. I’m seeing it again in a few days and I really need to pay attention. I know the dogs were wearing bullet-proof vests, but I thought the bad guy shot the dog in the neck.

Shot him in the vest, I’m sure it still hurt quite a bit but both dogs were in on the action during the shootout so I imagine he was fine.

that scene gave us the best exchange of the movie:

sofia: “he shot my dog!”

john: " I get it."

the dog, thankfully, was shot in the vest, the force of the bullet knocked him over and gave him, I’m quite sure, a very bad bruise. sofia took the bullet out of the vest and pulled the gun she had hidden in the vest, and shot the bad guy.

I believe there will be a nyc war against the high table. the bowery king and Winston were “not amused” by the actions of the adjudicator.

there also, with sofia’s actions, be a change in the mid-east high table.

I’m thinking there may be a regime change in the high table.