Endless. Boomer. Whining

When will it end?

I’m thinking not until they start complaining that it’s too cold in their graves and the lining in the coffin isn’t fashionable.

Toss in this…

and I’m feeling just a little overwhelmed at my dear parents generation.

Where will it end?

I read the Washington Post article and an aside - fuck them for their damn survey question. It took me 10 fucking minutes for it to load the article. But as for the article, sure, the dot-com bust and the recession’s hard on people. Terrorism’s stressing us out. But these are not things specific to boomers. There was a similar article on the New York Times a few months ago, but it was written much better because it didn’t talk about boomers, but people who had built up careers and lost them, and it didn’t drag generations into it. But hey, I’m 19 (Gen Y, I guess), and I promise you I’m as scared of terrorists and pissed about the job market and lack of future as any boomer.


The couple featured in the article HAVE jobs. Oh, the poor dears. They have to work!

I’m sympathetic about the job market situation towards people who are actually unemployed.

Seriously. Boo-fucking-hoo. “I thought we were going to be millionaires living the good life, now we are stuck living in DuPont circle and only very upper middle class.”

I like this jackass

He’s 44, and expected to be retired ‘pretty soon’. The poor guy might actually have to work for a few more years…

The retired guy too… his weekly tennis game is now being played without proper etiquette, how long can we allow this to continue? Won’t someone think of the Boomers???

Get a grip, sheesh!

While we’re at it, quit shoving the Beatles down our throats dammit. Sure, I’ll tap a toe if it comes on while I’m in the dentist’s waiting room and Under the Sea comes on, but it’s a goddamn DENTISTS office! Nothin screams hip and cutting edge like dental minutae, eh? I’m sick of your tired fuckin argument that claims that if it wasn’t for the Beatles, we wouldn’t have today’s music. You really like that argument? Well how about this? If we didn’t have Lawrence Fucking Welk, we wouldn’t have MTV! Still seem like a good argument?

Goddamn defecit spending self centered generation. Anything positive that whole generation does gets wiped away once it no longer effects that generation.

Amen. I’m so bloody sick of these striving, arrogant, brand conscious, selfish,boomer assholes and their inane “notice-me” culture. I go to a local mall from time to time, because it’s a great place to people watch and because it’s open air, and I see these ill-mannered dolts and their corporate sponsored offspring meander about with their eddie bauer pants, distressed look AF shirts and Tag Heuer watches sucking down massive cups of Starbucks latte something, and I wonder WTF ever happened to these people. Weren’t they the same ones who rebelled against the self same society that they are now a part of? Damn stupid boomers.

Worst. Parents. Ever.

Nothing personal, Jonathan. Many kids grow up well despite their boomer parents.

List of specific allegations:

-Many boomers are ‘friends’ with their children. Doesn’t work. Friends get you in trouble, especially when you’re young.

-Boomers tend to be absent parents moreso than previous generations.


-Many horrific role models, with notable exceptions.

Yes, I’m overgeneralizing.

Every time I read that someone actually planned on the market going up every year I’m reminded of P.T. Barnum…

This is why I’m not bothering to see MOVIN’ OUT. Oh yeah, everything that happened to them was soooo important and soooo profound. Sheesh.

And I can’t believe I spent my 400th post kvetching about a Billy Joel musical that only won two technical Tonys.

One of my favorite reads was Sammuel Clemmon’s “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”. One of his theories was that the Romans,at the very height of their glory,bred a generation that was so corrupt and decadent that although the Empire continued for hundreds of years it never recovered from the damage done by this bunch. Sound familiar?

I’m sick of all these GenX and millennial types whining about how the bottom has dropped out of the economy and the salaries their top education is supposed to guarantee them.

And these snotty kids of the GenX’ers.

And those privileged offspring in utero.

And unfertilized eggs smugly waiting their turn in the ovaries of America.

When will it end?


This is classic: a bunch of people sitting around whining that some other people are sitting around whining.

So, you must be a boomer. Right?

Nope. I’m an individual, not a generational stereotype thought up by people too intellectually lazy to judge others by their actual qualities and achievements.

Relax, oh resentful ones. Your opportunity to fuck things up royally is already here. Make the most of it. :smiley:

HOLY SHIT, Is that a boomer response what? LMAO

Huh? Are you sure you don’t mean Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?

No, a true “boomer response” would be “LMAO while great chunks of your paycheck drain into my Social Security and Medicare payments”.

Wait a minute…that’s the “Greatest” (WWII) generation.

Never mind. :smiley:

Nope,Clemmons was French and about 300 yrs before Gibbon. I’ll see if I can scrounge a link for it.