Fuck the Baby Boomers

In case anyone accuses this of being a joke pitting, I promise you that it is not. I became motivated to write this after I read an article about recent breakthroughs in the science of aging and how it could lead to some Baby Boomers having a substantially increased lifespan. In other words, Baby Boomers won’t ever die, they will just find a cure for aging.

Speaking for most people under 50, I say NNNOOOOO!!! Of course the article focused on the Baby Boomers, the generation of self-entitlement and generally obnoxious people. Everything is about them and has been since the 1950’s which, according to my calendar, was over 60 years ago. We should be a few generations past that by now.

You people are old now. It is time to put down the microphone and get your sorry ass to the nursing home. You ever notice younger, more attractive, and less obnoxious people walking around. Here, I will introduce you. Meet your kids and grandkids. They are much more responsible and worthy than you ever thought about being. Grandma Pamela, I don’t really give a shit about Woodstock or how good the free love was. From there, it was one sorry trend after another. Yuppies? Disco? Aerobicizing? You can’t defend any of it.

Do everyone a favor and exit center stage gracefully for once. Extended bows for applause aren’t necessary.

I’m a Boomer. You probably didn’t know that, because I’m a stealth Boomer.

What’s the cut off for Baby Boomers? I might be ok here and not have to die off quite yet…


Hey…I resemble that remark :dubious:

Good one :). I am not saying all Boomers are horrible monsters individually. My parents are some after all. However, collectively speaking, that generation is just a horrible mess that needs to hit the road and not let the door hit them in the ass on the way out.

I’m a mother of a baby boomer. Guess I just better crawl off into a corner and die!!!

No, that is the point my fair lady. The parents of Baby Boomers are great and their kids are too but you don’t hear that much about them. You can’t be blamed simply because you didn’t realize what you were creating when when you brought your child into the world. Luckily, these things skip generations so your grandchildren should be fine too.

Damn, Shagnasty! Who pissed in your energy drink?

Methinks it’s a pretty broad brush you’re using there. Have you thought that maybe we set the stage for y’all to become the rebound GenX or GenY or whatever the hell came after that kids to live in our basements when your marriage / career / mind fell apart? (Note: Brush remains the same size.).

No, I gave birth to a couple of those horrid baby boomers, and now I am so ashamed. I must have done something terribly wrong in raising them. I had no idea that children of mine could be so despised. It is really quite a shock!!!

I’m so glad you called this to my attention. It’s been an enlightening moment for me.

I’m a boomer and I take full responsibility for any and all problems my generation may or may not have caused. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I’ll try to live my remaining days without bothering anyone too much.


Look, there’s no point in getting worked up about it. Save what you can for yourself and your kids, because God only knows what’s going to be left.

Of course, all that can change. There are 60 Boomers in the Senate, 254 in the House of Representatives, and Obama’s a Boomer, so perhaps they’ll think about what they’ll be leaving behind. They’ve done a bang-up job so far and we’ve got a LONG way to go. Reassuring, isn’t it?

I didn’t invent that brush. It was created and presented to me and everyone else about a million different ways by the media and real-life Boomers since I was born. GenX and GenY aren’t rebound generations. The reason so many GenY people are living with their parents is because their parents took all the spotlight to make long-term political and economic decisions and then screwed everyone over through sheer incompetence. It was all about peace and love with no wars, then a bunch of random crap, followed by the most material gain possible and lots of war. Now you want to be the elder statesmen. No. I don’t want you to work to correct things in the future. There was plenty of chances for that. I want you out - gone - sitting in a nursing home looking at pictures of your grandchildren and not wandering around freely at Eagles concerts with oxygen bottles because no good can come from that.

You’re making his point for him!

Right back at ya, shitbird.

I saw the best mimes of my generation
Scorned, beaten, buggered by rhinos
As so richly deserved…

Nurse? Nurse?

Funny how the term “entitled asshole” didn’t become common until your generation…

From the title, perhaps the OP is actually putting out a call for men, women or ducks (depending on the preference of any given boomer) to ‘Fuck the Baby Boomers’…which I, for one, am all for!

(I have to fess up…yeah, I’m a boomer as well, though if you take away the bald patch, the gray in my beard and my gut you’d never know it to look at me! :p)


I am so subscribing to this thread.

::Brings lawn chair out. “Buttered popcorn anyone?”::

Fuck you too, asshole.

So? It just means when you’ll get up there you’ll be able to live longer still. You’ll probably need to work longer too, but this is already true for many of the older people that you so despise.

And what, exactly, is this brush that was created and handed to you…Sorry, my tired old brain is having trouble following the metaphor.

I think I have it. You don’t hate old people, you hate liberals and progressives!! No, wait, you hate wars. Or hippies. Or maybe you can’t deal with the fact that we have different opinions among ourselves.