Fuck the Baby Boomers

I had the misfortune to read a good chunk of Zoomer magazine while waiting to have blood tests taken the other day. Holeee shit, are Boomers ever self-involved, self-congratulatory, self-obsessed, self-consumed, in danger of disappearing up their own gold-plated, lilac-scented assholes. I guess when you run the world, you can be comfortable in your attitude that everything you do and have ever done is great.

Wait until you pass your fucktard genes onto your kin (may that never happen), who don’t want to have to deal with your self-serving, wah-wah, poor me, poor me, fucking attitude when you die from an embolism while your scooter drags your dead body out of the parking lot 15 blocks from the latest fucking concert that your kids think is so lame.
Then they will bury you, and all is right with the world once again.

Officially, to be a Baby Boomer you must have been born between 1946 and 1964. My brother is a Boomer and I’m in Generation X, a fact I love to remind him of.

Hey, Shag, we brought you into this world. We can take you out.


I return the fuck you.

In Capitalist America, baby boomers fuck you!

You ungrateful lazy little snots better hope we don’t die. You’ve got nothing. You have no causes, no commitment, and no vision of a better future. You’re so used to being given everything you have no idea how to do anything. And by the way, we built everything out of shitty materials, it’s all going to fall apart. I hope you can eat that iPad, because your future is pretty bleak.

Know what, I’m getting out my AARP card. I hope they increase Medicare and Social Security benefits and you get stuck with an even bigger bill. I planned to get out before I got too decrepit to take care of myself, but now I’m changing my living will and I’m authorizing all possible means of extending my life, regardless of the cost.

Well, there are a couple of boomers who did a serious disservice to the world.

Well, when we were young most of the leading politicians were of the WWII generation, so you can suck it up just as we did.

We only made the world safe for rock and roll, besides a number of more important accomplishments. In the realm of popular culture, style, and music you have no idea of the battles that were fought around breakfast tables when we were growing up. The reason so much of our music refuses to go away is because there was an abrupt change in tastes beginning around 1955. Young musicians and fans today rummage through the attic of psychedelia, blues, R&B, and classic rock; but we were absolutely not doing the same with Bing Crosby, Broadway songs, or Patti Page. Hell, for a few years there, around 1968 even old R&R wasn’t cool, but I think that was just the more vapid fans in the audience. My point is that popular music hasn’t evolved nearly as much in the last 40 years as it had in the preceding 15 years. All the younger people need to do is come up music so creative, revolutionary, and exciting that it blows our music out of the water. You know what? I’m not seeing it happen, and it isn’t our fault that, unlike our predecessors, we didn’t stop buying albums, in whatever the format du jour was, and supporting the people who created them. That’s no small part of why there’s still so much of this music around.

What’s really fucked up about this premise is that it assumes we’re all living the same ideal life replete with complete financial security, five bedroom colonial houses, short commutes, and healthy parents. Some of us are living that life, but most of us aren’t.

ETA: I am not going to look at your link. I hate that sort of thing as much as you do.

You’re right. You ate our lunch. Just leave the bill, we’ll pick it up for you.

Absolute nonsense. You know why we “have no idea how to do anything”? Because you’re staying in your jobs almost a generation longer than anyone before you, leaving a huge number of your children, whom you purport to care about so much, to suck on the teat or get a job you wouldn’t even dream of taking because it’s beneath you. Like the old commercial goes, we learned it from watching you. And yet some of us do it anyway, we break our ass just like you claim to have done (in a prolonged era of completely unopposed US economic hegemony), and we get nowhere fast, just in time to hear how lazy we are.

Good. Have at it. The longer you live, the harder you hold on to it, the more your quality of life diminishes. When the pain becomes unbearable and you’re a morphine-addicted shell of a human being, you’ll realize the folly of what you just said. And by then, my generation will be getting elected to office, and our memories are just as good as yours are. Remember, your kids get to pick your nursing home.

And we blamed our parents’ generation for fucking things up. C’est le damn guerre! Your generation has proportianately as many screwups wasting oxygen. Where are your activists?

I think the reason so much of the Boomer music refuses to go away is because just about every Boomer I’ve ever met has, at some point, said something like, “There hasn’t been any good music made since 1979.” :slight_smile:

A-fucking-men, Airman.

I don’t really hate the Boomers. But the world will clearly be better off once my generation is in charge.

Give me a break. I didn’t say that, I said that the past 40 years hasn’t seen, IMO, even one revolution in style to compare with the change from old fashioned pop to rock. It’s not the same thing as saying nothing good has been recorded in all the time since.

With what? We’re cutting off your allowance.

Bullshit. We all started at the bottom because the people in the jobs had them until retirement. We had to wait in line. And we’d stop working now if our kids would get jobs.

You weren’t watching us working out asses off to give you brats the easy life you got used to while paying for our parents retirements at the same time. And we didn’t complain about getting nowhere doing it. We just figured success would come through hard work instead of an automatic participation trophy.

I’ll be cackling knowing that you are eating your words, because you can’t afford anything else.

Also, your music is lame.

I’m sorry. I’m not intrested in your ideas and don’t want your newletter.

Are you really telling people to just go off and die because they are old? I’m planning on getting old some day. I’m thinking that if you are lucky, you might get old too. Do you really think that when you turn 50 you are going to be willing to take a death pill?

I happen to know that people in that age group still contribute to society. They work, they pay taxes, they build and they are too old to breed.

The kids are great (for spare parts). “Come to gramma Jimmy!”

I know this may be difficult for some of our more elderly posters to remember, but telling other posters to fuck themselves is against the pit’s language rules. Let’s all try to avoid such language in the future.

Hip hop music is creative, revolutionary, exciting and it’s always changing and evolving. I’ve always enjoyed your generation’s music, but for me it kinda loses something after the thousandth time you hear something. however, it’s clear the boomers are going to play the stuff on constant rotation until they’re in their graves.

But the music is the least of why we don’t love baby boomers. Personally, it has to do with the way they seamlessly went from being free-lovin’ flower children to greedy yuppies who sold their souls for corporate jobs and houses in the suburbs. And they seem to get more conservative with every passing year, which flies in the face of everything they used to stand for. It’s that hypocrisy, greed, and lack of compassion that proves they have always, and will always, put their own interests above all else. And frankly, I find their tactics disgusting.

I don’t really have an opinion on boomer-as-human-beings, but I will sure as shit be glad to see the end of boomers-as-lazy-media-shorthand. There’s a reason things like “gen X” and “gen Y” or whatever have never really caught on in the way “boomers” did: it’s stupid and facile to try to reduce the zeitgeist to a catchy name, and then use that made-up category to talk as if there’s this cohesive category that somehow share more with each other than with any number of other groupings.

The terrible legacy of the *idea *of the boomers is the idea that your generation is what defines you, that your peer group is the only place where you will find recognition and acceptance and meaning and identity. It’s an idea that’s lead to a host of cultural changes that keeps kids separated from teens separated from 20-somethings separated from 30-somethings onwards and upwards. Each little age group is left to socialize each other in weird little incestuous closed loops, and that, I firmly believe, is socially destructive.

I really hope that as the boomers die out this whole way of looking at the world will die out as well: it really takes a critical mass of each age division to sustain.