Enemies won't challenge McCain

From here;

"Enemies would not similarly challenge McCain, he said, because he’s already been tried.

“They know I’ve been tested,” he said. “They know I’ve been tested. I’ve been tested many times.” "

Tough Guy posturing, or simple stupidity?

Guess what, John. This argument may work for your most ardent supporters, but it’s more of the same “Trust me, I know how to do this” answers that we keep getting from you that promise success but fail to explain HOW you’re going to achieve that success.

Now I’m not some damned fool who thinks the Iranians are going to 180 their policies because you’ve “been tested”, nor do I think the North Koreans are going to throw their hands up and surrender, nor is Osama bin Laden going to crawl out of his cave and throw himself on your mercy simply because you claim that you’ve “been tested”.

So John, what happens when they do test you? Because, and trust me on this, they will. Are you going to do something reckless and all "maverick"y just to show 'em?

You know what gets me?

Remember a few months back- people used to say, “Obama talks pretty, but I’ve never seen what his actual PLAN is”.

Funny, those same people aren’t saying the same thing about McCain and his “I know how to…” statements.

Maybe its because McCain doesn’t talk pretty?

As disgusting as this campaign has gotten, this is a new low. McCain is threatening the American people that if we don’t vote for him, they’ll be killed in their beds by terrorists. New. Low.

That’s a little hyperbolic.
Seriously, lots of foreigners seem quite enthusiastic that Obama might be President- remember the huge crowds in Berlin? I think he might have an easier time with foreign policy because other leaders will give him a pass on the mistakes of his predecessor.

Um, no it’s not. He’s saying if you vote for Obama, we will be attacked by our enemies.

I dunno, didn’t Dick Cheney say the same thing in '04?

Really, the republican party has gone from a league of supervillains to a circus of clowns. It’s not even worth it to get worked up anymore. I just point and laugh.

For him, maybe. For his party, that message has been on a loop since 2001.


I’m not going to vote for him, and detest his taxes, but he’s tougher than me. Put me in a prison camp and it’s “Yes Sir, No Sir, Please may I have some food?” :slight_smile:
I do wonder what his policy towards Vietnam would be. “Deliver these former prison guards to the American embassy, or the nukes begin falling.”

What’s Obama’s plan for when “they” test him. And trust me on this, they will.

Limp-wristed acquiescence? Just to “show 'em?” Great.

Nothing to see here.

Yanno, Obama being “tested” doesn’t mean terrorists killing your mommy in her sleep, but go ahead with the hyperbole.

Yeah, I know, but I was under the naive impression that, having been scolded for such shenanigans in the past, they’d know better than to pull it again. I know, I know, I’m retarded.

With the greatest respect for Senator McCain’s heroic service during his captivity from 1967 to 1973, I fail to see how his having been tested as a prisoner of war over 35 years ago means that he will now react to a foreign policy crisis now in a coherent or effective manner, particularly in a complex world without clear friend/enemy distinctions.

Indeed, his incoherent and scrambling reaction to the economic crisis casts doubt on his ability to react in a well-tested manner to a similar foreign policy crisis.

Enemies won’t challenge McCain? They’re 1-0 so far. Statistically, they’re better off challenging McCain than Obama.

Like McCain said before ,He knows how to win a war.

What war did he win?


He knows how to win a war.
He knows how to fix Social Security.
He knows how to balance the budget.
He knows how to get Bin Laden.
He knows how to fix the Economy.

Blah, blah, blah.

(He knows when we’re naughty, he knows when we’re nice?)

As my 72 year old, formerly very Republican father said; “If he knows how to get Bin Laden, how come he hasn’t picked up the phone sometime in the last seven years and told President Bush?”

I could say the same about everything else he claims to know how to do. The man has been a Senator for quite a long time. If he hasn’t introduced bills to do the things he claims to know how to do, or made calls to other people to convince them how to do them, it’s a fairly safe bet that he does not, in fact, know how to do any of these things.

Now we’ve all known these people in our lives, or at least seen them on TV.

They’re called Blowhards and Liars.

Is this the man you want to vote for?

You didn’t see the movie The Green Berets? He and John Wayne singlehandedly kicked the asses of the NVA. The truth of the matter is that we won the Vietnam war, but the liberal media hides that fact from us.

Um, what? How can he be wrong when he’s not in a position to do that yet, and won’t be for at least three months?

Al-Qaida-linked Web site backs McCain as president
McCain camp’s reponse:

Now unless al Qaeda is not John McCain’s enemy, the lie was given to his words, before he even said them.

John McCain is right. Enemies will not be testing him. That’s because John McCain is not going to be president.