McCain wants to test foreign enemies

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Standing like Mussolini on a balcony, soaking up the admiration of the remaining idiots who surround him, John McCain declared today that he would test foreign enemies.

They may want to test Obama, but I have been tested. I am going to test them. They are not going to test me.What. The. Fuck.

Who the hell wants an angry old man, verging on dimentia, going on a fucking worldwide rampage seeing how far he can push dictators? It’s a fucking surprise-a-minute now from McCain’s last-ditch shit-fan tactical orgy. He’s fucking crazy. Seriously.

I’ll be curious to see what Ahmawhackjobijhad’s SAT scores are.

I was told there wouldn’t be a test.

Testing. Testing 1…2…3… Testing

Don’t be testy.

Test not, lest you be tested.

Well, I’ve always said … the man is a test.

Will this be on the test?

This man is testing my patience.

“I am going to test them.”

He tests ME every fucking day. He tests my patience, and honestly, I am failing.

He tests my English comprehension. But he’s cheating because he’s speaking gibberish and nonsense and complaining that I don’t understand.

He’s also testing my understanding of basic logic. Either I’m failing or he is, and I’d bet that I’m better at it.

I love this quote from the OP link:

Next McCain is going to claim tha Obama is a tired old man who’s lost touch with the American people.

If this is a test…McCain fails. (YouTube.)

Anyone else immediately think of Bush and “Bring it on” ? He really is Bush II : Electric Boogaloo.

[Terry Gilliam as John McCain]

What is your favorite color?


Will it be a Voigt-Kamff test? “My mother - I’ll tell you about my mother…”

Liberal, that’s the thing for me. Even back in 2000 I was seeing far too much of McCain’s temper for me to ever consider trusting him in the Presidency. He seems to like anger, and lets it get away with him.

As long as he can keep functioning, even, while doing that I can’t even say that he needs to stop doing it. But putting him into a position where impulse could lead to the sort of consequences that the Commander-in-Chief could generate, just doesn’t seem prudent. It’s not an emotional flaw that would prevent me from voting for someone for any legislative position. The idea of him in the C-in-C’s spot makes me very nervous.

Just for an example - consider the anger that followed from 9/11. People were seriously talking about nuking the capitol city of whatever nation has launched that attack. I’m not sure that I trust John McCain to wait to see that he even had a definitive smoking gun, before he’d authorize a nuke if something similar happened during his watch.

So, he is saying he has testes? :confused: :smiley:

Test them for what? HIV? Tuberculosis? Whooping cough?

Mathmatics and English comprehension

Or is that the SATs?

You have to be THIS tall to attack the United States or its allies or interests.

Well, that’s a bit of a problem isn’t it?

McCain being a short fellow that can’t rise his arms and all, him signaling THIS tall would exclude noone but Mini-Me.


I remember when you were an interesting poster Liberal (except for that whole “believing the ontological argument for god’s existence” thing). Here lately though it seems you’ve thrown in with Diogenes and the gang as just another member of the lefty douchebag peanut gallery. So sad.


In other words: :rolleyes: