Why won't McCain pick up the phone and tell Bush how to "get" bin Laden?

I know this gloms off an earlier thread but this has bugged me for a long time. The guy says he knows how to get bin Laden. How does he know, yet the President and the Defense Dept. not know? McCain is a Republican and GWB is the Prez, yet he can’t pick up the phone and give a clue? It seems that if bin Laden was captured or killed it would give the bad Navy pilot a boost.

It sounds like the Nixon campaign aides that floated the suggestion that they had a “secret plan” to win in Vietnam. At least Nixon was a 'Pub running against an incumbent Dem administration so I can sort of understand the dishonesty.

So what’s the deal with McCain and his superior insight? Cummon John, we know that you know that Dub is the definition of an evil loser but isn’t it in the national interest that you share your insight and make it happen?

How can you doubt the “maverick”?
He knows how to get 'em. He will get 'em.
He’ll figure out how and will “get back to ya”

Christ, he’s turned into Sarah Palin.

He’s a leader, he leads, he doesn’t answer questions. He doesn’t have to explain himself. He doesn’t need a plan. Whats wrong with you? If you want Bin Laden you’ll get him when McCain’s president, it’s just that simple. Health Care fixed also? Sure, it’s easy, he knows how to do it. Whats that, you want clean energy? Ok, clean energy for everyone just vote for McCain! He knows how to win wars!

I’ve always been a little unclear on this one as well. I’ve heard this said seriously (not tongue in cheek like you) by McCain’s supporters.

How does this follow? He knows what it’s like in the military, yes. He may even have a basic grasp of military tactics and strategy. He certainly knows how to crash a plane and be held prisoner. Where’s the evidence that McCain knows how to win wars? It’s like a branch bank manager saying he knows how to run a corporation.

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I suspect that he is confident that Bin Laden in in Tora Bora. If the USA deployed 1/4 its nuclear firepower on Tora Bora and another 1/4 on Pachir Wa Agam District and another 1/4 on the surrounding Nangarhar Province, he’s probably be confident of “getting” Bin Laden. Personally, I’m not sure where OBL is, but I’m not running for president.

Nuking Afghanistan and Pakistan, no residual consequences there, nope.

This is similar to the “Fixing Social Security is Easy!” comment from the debate.

He even managed to spit that out with a little bit of, “duh!” thrown in. If it’s so easy- are you just keeping it there to yourself big guy? Surely if you have some sort of amazing economic breakthrough to fix the issue- he would be amazing the independent voter and a clear leader in the polls. So, lets have it!

I wouldn’t read too much into this - Obama makes similar statements in debates.

All purpose Pubbie tu quoque response. Use when you got nothin’. Rinse and repeat.

I’m sure you’ll provide some examples.

Yes, but McCain doesn’t do anything but say “he knows”, my friend.

I’m sure it’s a double-triple, super secret, top security clearance type thing and he swore on his pinky ring that he’d never tell. I know I rest easier at night knowing he’s on it.

I think that its your duty as Americans, who even if you disagree with McCains other policies when he thinks some up,to vote him in at election time.
Otherwise Baldrics er McCains that is, cunning plan will never see the light of day and YOU yes YOU the American people will be responsible for UBLs continued freedom.

So all of you, bite the bullet and vote McCain and for gods sake stop whimpering, we cant afford to lose this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I can’t over what a weak, ineffective fearmonger McCain is. Every time I think I’ve plumbed his vacuity, he drains another few drops out of the pool.

“I know this, I can do that, this is easy, this wouldn’t have happened if Obama had met me in more town hall meetings”–it never ends, does it?


You know what I don’t get? Bin Laden. I mean, what is the deal with that guy anyway?


And McCain doesn’t get to claim he knows how to win wars until he’s in one we actually win.

This makes my top 10 things McCain says repeatedly that make no sense. He’s an expert on winning wars why? Because he demonstrated an ability to destroy government property during Vietnam? Maybe he means winning wars for the Vietnamese–you get the other side to hire unqualified, arrogant sons of officers to wreck enough valuable equipment, and you win, maybe? That’s his plan?

Or did he come up with the plan to win Vietnam by cluttering up their prisons for 5 and half years, and force them to use valuable resources keeping him alive? Does he think that the US won the war he served in?

Or maybe his plan relates to WWII? “Be a spoiled child and have temper tantrums–that’s how you win wars. I know, my friends, it worked for me.”

Whenever I read the phrase “my friends” now, I hear it in my head in that fakey Reagan voice that McCain uses.

The man has fucked up the concept of “friendship” for several generations to come. No one now living can ever refer to someone as his friend without invoking blatent insincerity.

He’s lulling OBL into a true sense of security.

Well, remember, George Bush isn’t really interested in capturing bin Laden. “I truly am not that concerned about him,” he said two years ago. Of course, this is after he rejected an offer by Taliban leaders to hand him over and long after saying that he is wanted, “dead or alive.” [Cue guitar riff]

Please provide specific citations. I’ve heard Obama say that we should devote troops, make a specific effort, and if necessary, cross into Pakistan to pursue bin Laden. I have yet to hear him say that he has a magic plan to sweep in any pick bin Laden up, only he can’t really tell us what it is.

Weak and fearmonger, yes. Ineffective? I don’t know about that: his not-so-thinly veiled references to “another Holocaust” certainly have the Israeli boosters and many moderate and conservative Jews behind him, even when they might otherwise disagree with significant parts of his ideology. He certainly loves waving that flag and promising that the US will go to the ends of the Earth to fight, and if necessary create, conflict. And he’s been effectively fearing it all up in trying to conflate Obama’s contact with Bill Ayers, a man who belonged to a militant anti-war organization, The Weathermen Underground, forty years ago but is now a respected professor and an authority on pedagogy and education and unlikely to go about blowing up statues or starting riots. Fearmongering is actually a pretty effective strategy as evidenced by Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, and G.W. Bush, not to mention many despots and demagogues in history.