Energy Drinks--are they all so damn sweet?

I decided to try an energy drink today, to get through the last half of work. I bought a Monster. It’s okay at best, and I do feel a bit of a buzz. But it’s very sweet. I don’t mind sweet, but this is almost disgustingly sweet. I realize the sucrose and glucose are part of the buzz, but can a regular consumer of energy drinks recommend something that’s a little less overpowering?

Eat regular, balanced meals and get a good night’s sleep?

Yeah, yeah, I know. “Luddite.”

It does stand to reason that the ones that give you “energy” by giving you “sugar” would be pretty sweet.

If you like Zotz, try Red Bull. It’s like drinking lime Zotz.

I’m not sure if this is in the same category, but you could try protein shakes, or juices, too. I like Soy Dream (goofy name, I know) non-dairy shakes (they’re about the consistency of chocolate milk - lots of vitamins and protein, low calorie. The protein helps to perk me up, and it’s a lot healthier than Red Bull.

Also, as a caffeine addict, I’ve found that large quantities of vitamin C can wake me up (and juice is a lot easier on my stomach). I don’t know if it’s a national brand, but I like Naked smoothies - they’re 100% fruit and have lots (500-1000% of the RDA of vitamin C) Caveat: I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know if consuming that much vitamin C has negative side effects.

Yeah, I thought it tasted like Smarties or SweetTart, dissolved right to the saturation point in soda water.

Psh, lightweight, these people think you’re not getting enough.

Heh… you could always try a low-calorie energy drink: (sorry, cruddy Flash commerical site)


and :rolleyes: again.

Remember kids: energy good, calories bad…

All these things are is caffeine and sugar. The taurine or creatine or yak testicle extract they add is only there so they can advertise it. There’s plenty of places to get caffeine, with as much or as little sugar as you like.

:: sips his black coffee ::

Of course, there’s always regular exercise, eight hours of sleep a night, and avoiding stimulants. Apparently that really works, but I certainly wouldn’t know. :slight_smile:

I’d rather work through a six-pack of Jolt Cola, but I don’t have a source short of mail-order working here in the west village.

Energy drinks were designed for athletes; they are marketed to everyone else.

Few athletes need energy drinks. Many marathoners don’t need them, but I would say anyone who runs, or bikes, for 4 or more hours does. I often drink diluted gatorade on a long run. Caffeine actually helps endurance. However, a small amount of protein with carbs (I believe it is 1.8g protein to 7g carb) may be optimal. I know of only one study stating this. If you need a pick me up, check your sleep and your lunch diet. Go out for a run. Drink tea or coffee. Otherwise, save your money, unless you like the drinks.

Protein drinks are not energy drinks. I don’t recall any Atkins types recommending protein and no carbs as a quick pick me up. If it helps, it is psychological, as the short term energy loss due to the digestive process can be significant. (That is why all endurance athletes consume large quantities of carbs during events, before events, and just after events.)

Fruit juices have plenty of sugar. I would only drink the naturally sweetened kinds, and not the dyed high fructose corn syrup kinds.

I’ve never heard of protien’s ability to perk. All it does is build and fix your cells.

I actually tried one of those. It tasted disgusting and my stomach acted up for three hours. Just…don’t.

My personal favorite energy drink is the double espresso shot. All the caffeine, none of the sugar, and trust me, it will keep you going. :slight_smile:

My favorite in this category doesn’t taste at all like the typical Red Bull ultra-sweet crap. The Starbucks “DoubleShot” is two shots of espresso, cream, and some sugar. Quite tasty. Not excessively candy-sweet.

And they wake you up in about five minutes. Those are my temporary cure for when I go a few days on little sleep.