Energy drinks that pack a punch

My brother is a gym rat; he works out 3-4 hours just about every day. He drinks Redline energy drink just before he goes to the gym because that’s the only thing that can keep his energy up for that long. He’s tried protein shakes and those green tea drinks, but they just don’t give him enough energy to work out as much as he’d like. The only problem: directly after his workout, he starts to burp and gag and keeps it up for hours afterward. It happens every time; burp after burp, then a bit of gagging to keep things interesting. He’s said that it doesn’t make him nauseous; otoh, one possible effect of the Redline drink is nausea (says so on some website). Maybe it’s affecting his stomach, but not in the way that it affects others? Anyway, I’m getting off topic here. What I need are energy drinks that give a major boost to someone who works out like my brother does without the unfortunate side effects. Any suggestions?

I recommend amphetamines.

Or you could check out these two sites for energy drink reviews.

For an absolutely hilarious take on this, try Lowtax’s energy drink reviews on Something Awful.


Maybe his body is trying to tell him something. Perhaps he doesn’t need a less gag-inducing energy drink, but rather a less intense workout.