What are some other things besides caffeine can I take to keep me awake?

Ever since I had my first sip of coffee when trying to stay awake from an assignment as a teen, I’ve always had nausea and vomited twice from it. I’ve tried a cold brew as the warm one is said to cause higher acidity, tried caffeine pills instead of a drink and nothing has worked. The nausea is still the same.

What doesn’t give me nausea are energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster but unfortunately, they really don’t seem to have any effect on me. Even when I take them on an empty stomach in the morning In fact, I’d say that they make me feel more lethargic but that may be due to the massive amounts of sugar that’s apparently in them. Coffee keeps me awake but I’d compare the experience to drinking vodka to numb the DIY removal of an infected tooth. Both give you their respective buzzes definitely but only for a short while before I eventually feel extremely nauseous and vomit.

So I was wondering if their are any alternative supplements or legal drugs to this? I know some of my colleagues talk about using the ADHD drug, Adderall but unfortunately it’s a controlled subtance along with other amphetamine substances and illegal without a prescription so that’s out of the question.

A doctor suggested that I probably have GERD and could take something like omeprazole in the morning along with an anti-emetic like domperidone. In your experience would that work?

Mountain Dew? That’s what I used to drink before I started drinking coffee.

You can take caffeine in a pill form, such a No Doz or something like Green Tea Extract.

Agree. I’d bet it’s the coffee that’s upsetting you, not the caffeine.

ETA: just reread the OP… never mind.

If you’re talking about routine tiredness during the day (rather than some crazy attempt to stay up all night to finish a project) then managing your diet is important. For example, eating a slug of high-GI carbs for breakfast can lead to a spike then drop-off in blood sugar, making you feel sleepy later in the morning. Frequent small meals with low-GI (slow release) carbs may be better.

There are sugar-free versions of energy drinks available - both Red Bull (and competitors) as well as those little energy shot bottles. They have the caffeine (and other stuff) but no sugar…

A nap.
A long walk.

You’ll need to avoid the energy drinks, etc. for at least several days and start eating healthy before this begins to actually work. And continue to avoid the energy drinks–long term use/overuse of caffeine will ruin your adrenal glands and increase your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which all contributes to added mental and physical stress. You’ll feel like crap for at least a week while you withdraw from the caffeine. Go to bed at a routine time that gives you the opportunity for at least 6-8 hours of sleep, even more if your lifestyle is particularly stressful. The walk, or other physical activity, will help you manage the physical manifestations of stress as well as give you time to think about and manage the psychological ones. This will, in turn, facilitate restful sleep, which facilitates wakefulness.