I Need to Stay Awake

Alright, I’ve got one long day of editing video ahead of me. By noon tomorrow I need to have two finished products ready to be put on DVD.

This means I will probably be up until noon tomorrow doing it. My poison is generally the Starbucks Espresso Doubleshots. But they’re 7.50 for a four-pack. Will any of those energy drinks (Adrenaline, Red Bull, etc.) do the work just as well?

No rest for the weary. Thanks, peeps.

Red Bull works well for me. However, I have taken care not to overdo it (in case I develop immunity to Red Bull too… :slight_smile: .) Keeps me aware for next many, many hours. However, that doesn’t mean it keeps me energetic and intersted in work, too. :slight_smile:

The caffeine makes me happy and buzzy for a long while, but then the overdose of sugar makes me crash and I end up coma-ing out. That’s my big problem with the red bull-style energy drinks.

Mountain Dew. The Dew will keep you awake.

As much as I love the Dew I try to avoid soft drinks. Y’ see, caffeine is my aderol. I can focus on my task at hand for long hours if I have a steady supply of strong coffee or espresso. My mind will wander far less when I’m overcaffeinated.

Thanks for chiming in, guys. Anybody else know a good one that costs less than Starbucks?