Engineer -> Physisist -> Mathematiction What's next?

I’m a physics guy.

That’s how I think.

When I get stuck. I ask a maths dude.

What’s next?

A philosopher?

A spellchecker?

The church near me says that “Jesus is the answer.”

Although it may have been to a different question.



They should have sent… a poet.

Engineer -> Physisist -> Mathematician then SDMB.


Don’t give up on the engineers so quickly. I don’t know what kind of question you usually get stuck on, but most engineers I know could help you with some math and physics questions, such has how to spell “physicist” or “mathematician”.

Well, mathematics is a branch of logic, which is a branch of philosophy, which, ultimately, is a concern of language, so the English department is the highest mucky-muck of the intellectual fields and funding ought to reflect that.


(Alternately, logic is a branch of the formal grammars, which are an element of programming language design, so computer science is the most fundamental of the fundamental truth-seeking academic disciplines, and everything else is philately.)

Huh. I never knew I was supposed to go to physicists for help.

The really funny part about that is that engineers are one of the worst groups for spelling and grammar on the planet.

“I usta couldn’t spel injineer now I R one” is a common engineering joke.

Sigh. Mathematicians don’t have anywhere to go for help.

A mathematician would ask another mathematician or a computer depending on the problem.

The ultimate engineering equation is:

x=ky, where k equals anything and everything it might take to make x = y

That would be my answer. I am reminded of the old joke/grafitto:


I thought it was mathematician > another mathematician > Paul Erdos (If you’re lucky)

Or, alternately, it goes mathematician > another mathematician > another mathematician and on around until you need something actually done at which point you ask an engineer.

Engineer -> Physisist -> Mathematiction -> Janitor

The version I heard was that biology was just applied chemistry,
chemistry was just applied physics,
physics was just applied mathematics,
mathematics was just applied logic,
logic was just applied philosophy,
philosophy was just applied psychology,
and psychology was just applied biology.