England v. Brazil discussion thread?

C’mon guys, everyone was doing so well on the games last week! Is everyone else cooler than I am and have nifty places to watch? Am I the only dork at his computer in the wee hours listening to Tommy Smith’s distracting unplacable accent on ESPN?

Well, the kick’s away, so I’m ready for the game. As a sign of goodwill to our UK friends, of course I’ll be rooting hard for jolly ol’ England…especially when Beckham is touching the ball :slight_smile:

Hey, Simulpost OP’s!!!

Yeah, I think this one is the ‘main’ one now.

I’m sitting alone in the living room of my apartment trying to be as quiet as possible watching the game. I’m tense as f**k. Both teams are well matched. I’m a Brazil fan. Am I the only one here?