English football podcasts?

With the World Cup sparking my interest up, I’m starting to get legitimately interested in footy here, and quite looking forward to the start of the EPL in a week or so. I’m also quite a heavy consumer of podcasts, so it occurred to me that I now have a new subject to listen to podcasts about. Any suggestions?

Well, if it is broad range of the English Premier League you are interested in rather than specific Clubs you could do worse than to start with BBC Live 5, that and the digital only channel BBC 5 Live Extra are their main radio sport channels.

You can download or subscribe to a daily 30 minute summary podcast here http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/5lfd

Strictly speaking it is wider than EPL, for EPL only they run their own once the season starts (archive is here http://www.premierleague.com/content/premierleague/en-gb/news/podcasts.html?q=*&o=LATEST&start=0&n=50) but personally if you are starting out then I would start with the BBC until you decide which Club to follow (the only rule being - once you have decided you can never change Clubs!).

Subliminal message: Support Tottenham Hotspur FC

This is the best one

Thanks gents; I’ll give those a look.

Men in Blazers (from Grantland) is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s done by a couple of funny English guys who you may have recognized from the ESPN World Cup coverage who do a weekly podcast about Premier League, US men’s and women’s national teams, MLS, Champions League, and whatever else floats their boat.

As a recent convert, I thought it was a great introduction to the sport–because it’s targeted to an American audience, it doesn’t bog down too much into in-depth analysis (although there is some for the more experienced fan) and is ideal for a new fan of the game.