"English style" Doner Kebab recipe?

I spent a year in England over a decade ago and of all the things I miss about that country the lowly Doner Kebab tops the list. Not just any Doner Kebab, I can go to a Turkish restaurant here, but it isn’t the same.

On nearly every street in any British town you will find a kebab shop that will serve a simple shaved lamb, shredded lettuce and white onion stuffed in a pita. What ties it together is the sauce they sprinkle on top, rather than the traditional white and red sauces in Turkish cuisine this might be a combination of both to save effort.

These shops are so common and the sauce was always the same so it must be available retail. Does anyone know where I can get it?

From the Doner Kebab Wiki article:

Well, much more than Cyprus. Turkish, Greek, North African all make kebabs in the uk.

But the “donner kebab” in itself, well, I’ve got some spices myself but not tried them. Not since I found somewhere selling them frozen, presliced.

Not sure whether you can import of have something similar.

mix on amazon uk

Mix that with lamb mince. Grill, or perhaps “broil” (means the same thing in uk). Slice.

Add pita, lettuce, tomato, raw onion.

Now the sauce tends to vary a bit. General chilli sauce. Sweet chilli sauce in some places.

Maybe can try this:

BBC chicken doner recipe

Shaved meat/salad/bread varies widely in flavor wherever you go. I’ve had doners all over Germany, prepared by – I’m guessing – Turks. Gyros in Chicago seem to be primarily Greek. Souvlaki in NYC is Lebanese or Egyptian. All very different, but I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad one!

Never had UK doner, because I am hopelessly addicted to good fish and chips, so I opt for that when I’m in Eng/Scot/Wales.

German doner is served on a round soft roll instead of pita. There’s a Turkish joint about seven blocks south of me in Brooklyn that does it that way, too, but not nearly as good as Berlin or Munich or Freiburg.

I wonder if the sauce you have in mind is a sweet chili sauce? I normally have either lemon or mayo on my kebabs.