Let's chat about kebabs.

I just had the best ‘authentic’ turkish Doner Kebab this morning.
Chicken, with all the usual trimmings (No weird stuff) extra hot chilli sauce and sour cream.


It’s the second kebab I’ve eaten in my whole life.

Morning? :confused: You mean three in the morning, as you staggered, blind drunk, out of a nightclub, don’t you?

So the kebab between the pub and home is not just an Aussie thing?

Sour cream??? The ones I staggered home on were never insulted with sour cream, or hot chilli sauce for that matter.

Verrrrrrry garlicky yogurt…MMMMMMM.

Well, they don’t do it in America, but we used to feast on them post-pub when I was in London. I honestly can’t really recall what was in them aside from some meat.

Actually, I’m one of those rare people that seldom gets drunk and enjoys a doner kebab at any time. Frightening things really, as that big hunk ‘o’ meat-style stuff seems to stay up there for days on end.

I like the green pickled chillis :stuck_out_tongue: <<<licking lips

I think it’s also a large-parts-of-Western-Europe thing. Here it’s generally either a kebab, or a hot dog with everything. Much parodied in the comic strip Pondus (which is much, much funnier in Norwegian, but that’s another story).

Though I’m rarely if ever seen stumbling home from the pub at 3 a.m., I loves me a good kebab for lunch. But why is it that the shops that serve the sloppiest kebabs are always the stingiest with napkins?

Mmmmm… Kebabs… <drool> :slight_smile:

I’d sure love me some right now. Extra tzaziki sauce please. On pita with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and dill or mint.

Dear lord, I’m famished now.

De ja vu (or however you spell it…) I was watching Today Tonight tonight and saw this segment.

Made me think that whenever I get a kebab now I think I’ll check the juice tray.

So, am I the opnly one that thought this thread had to do with cannabilism? The Donner party was a group of folks in the mid 1800s who faced hardship and ate one another.


Not an appetizing kebab. :wink:

Just out of curiosity, what exactly would constitute an authentic kebab? They’ve got kebab shops everywhere here in Sydney, but they’re all the same damned thing. Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, that dark green salady stuff with garlic/sour cream with lamb or beef. Nothing spectacular, either - I’m not sure why they’re so popular.

You forgot the onion.

They are not supposed to be spectacular. Just yummy.

(Where has this sour cream thing come from??? EWWWW)

Oh I love a nice kebab especially when I’m pissed.

For an idea of what we put down our fat necks click here and then on the Menu tab.

If you’re ever in Dublin go to Zaytoon. Best Kebab in town by far.

I miss the kebab shops of Manchester. Chicken marinated for an age in concentrated fire (or so it seems), cooked to just that pinch of charredness. Add more fire with the sauce, and crunchy onion. And in a freshly-cooked naan (none of that pitta nonsense).

Around here it’s plain meat, pathetic bread, limp lettuce…

We Americans are missing out. I’ve had “shish kebabs” at backyard cookouts: bite-size cubes of steak, pieces of onion, mushroom, possibly green peppers or cherry tomatoes, skewered and thrown on the grill. But we definitely don’t have them as after-hours drunk food, particularly not from wagons or carts.

(I’ve heard that falafel is really big as after-hours drunk food in Amsterdam, which we don’t have here either.)

On a walk home from the center of town to my flat(apartment) which takes about 15-20mins. I walk past about 10 Kebab shops, 20 Chippers that all do Kebabs as well and 20+Chinnesse and Indian restaurants that do take out.

You know you’ve had a particularly heavy night on the lash when you manage to get the sauce from your kebab all over the back of your legs :wink:

No…the really heavy night is when it takes you so long to walk the length of the road, you need a second kebab at the far end :stuck_out_tongue:

I miss the kebab years.


I once woke up to find I was using a smoked cod in batter as a pillow :eek:

Mmm, I miss those Doner Kebabs at Abrakebabra…that word is hard to spell…in Dublin, the BBQ sauce on one is so tasty.

We ain’t really got them here in the gold ole US of A. I have no idea how similar they are supposed to be to the shish-kabob, but I’m guessing not very. For any 'Merkin’s who haven’t had the pleasure of a Kebab from across the pond at 4 AM, it’s much more comparable to a gyro than a kebob as we know it. A little differently spiced, and the pita is a bit different, but other wise very much like a gyro.

Thankfully in Chicago, greektown has plenty of darn tasty late night gyros to slave the desire for a Doner kebab.