Name that dish?

It could be Indian. Or maybe not. Anyway, huge sticks wrapped with meat are roasted over a flame, then chunks of the meat are shaved off into some sort of flatbread wrapper. Roasted potatoes, garlic, and spices are added (along with, I think, a creamy sauce), then the whole thing is rolled up into something resembling a gigantic burrito.

Problem is, I can’t remember what it’s called. Oh, but it’s so good!

I went to an Indian restaurant today, hoping to find one. No luck, though I did have an excellent meal. I looked through the menu without success, and I even asked the waitress, but she had no idea.

So, Dopers, does anyone know the name of this delicious monstrosity I’ve been craving all week? Last time I had one was about five years ago in Houston. My memory’s telling me that it was Indian (a large collection of hookah pipes were on display), but I could be mistaken.


It might be a gyro you’re looking for, which is nominally Greek, but a.k.a. döner kebab (Turkish) and shawarma (Middle eastern or Arabic) in the US.

This seems pretty similar to a gyro or a doner kabob it concept. I’ve only had personal experience with gyros and I’ve never had one with potatoes, tomato and onion and tzatziki sauce being my preferred set up, but the concept of shaved spit meat in a flatbread wrapper is pretty versatile.

Apparently it depends where you are. Here’s my previous thread.

This was probably tzatziki, a very garlicky yogurt sauce, which is the part of a gyro I think I crave most. You might be able to find some bottled at the grocery store, depending on where you live and how big the store is. If it’s not in the “International” section, try the salad dressings and barbecue sauce aisle.

I think I’ve most often seen hookahs used as decor in Middle Eastern restaurants, though they would make sense in a Turkish place too.

Shawarma, it is! Thanks a million–now I know what to ask for. Seems that it’s more a Middle-Eastern dish than a strictly Indian one.

Yes, the sauce was very garlicky… I understand your craving completely!
Thanks for the help, everybody!

For your viewing pleasure:

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My Big Fat Greek Sandwich, Part 2


Probably, it was just that particular establishment’s preperation, but their schawarmas didn’t really look or taste like any of the gyros I’ve had. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never tried a doner kebab, but I’m writing that one down on my list, too.

The wiki article says that some American places put french fries in their schwarmas. French fries? Gak!

You do realize, right, I hope, that the whole reason I posted here is the drool factor, right? ssschluppt-thppt!

OMG I’m so craving a gyro now.

PLEASE let us live vicariously when you find one locally. Tell all.

BUY it? It’s yogurt, garlic, and diced cucumbers, though that other stuff in the Wiki would be good. Easy to make at home.

And spices. Don’t forget the spices.

Seriously though, if you’re not a cooking type, the bottled stuff can be very satisfying and keep longer than the homemade variety. Especially if you’re not sure how it’s supposed to taste.

Since I like souvlaki even more than shawarma, I bookmarked this recipe. There’s a tzatziki recipe in it.