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Sorry, just gotta…

Like they say, WD-40 and duct tape is all you really need to fix anything :smiley:

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OK, they didn’t actually say it was duct tape…

You should see the tape they use for this. It’s like a piece of sheetmetal with an adhesive backing.

I am sure there are worse things that we don’t know about.

[Red Green] Duct Tape, the handyman’s secret weapon. [/Red Green]

bows down to the duct tape
Anyone else ever think it was called Duck Tape when they were a kid?

Ummm there’s a brand of duct tape down here called “duck tape”, so u probably weren’t that far off.

To make matters worse, there is a brand of duct tape called “Duck Tape” with a cute little yellow rubber duckie on the label.

Don’t most people pronounce it ‘duck tape’? Or do I just hear the t in duct run together with the t in tape? :confused:

NO, Blueapple, just you… :smiley:

I thought it was duck tape for a long time, until I went into someones basement and it was all over the … ducts.

Never seen it on a duck though.

I have seen it on a duck.

When I was in elementary school, a classroom down the hall hatched and raised a baby duck. It became very attached to the teacher, as it was the only duck that made it out. (Lonely little guy.) He (the duck) would get very upset when the teacher would leave, and the janitors would get very upset when the teacher would take the duck with him. As a compromise, the teacher challenged his students to design a “duck diaper” so the duck could safely run around the school. The winning design was a harness made of folded of duct tape, with an area at the back to attach cardboard, which could be changed when full. The duck was very happy to be able to follow people around, and ended up being the nicest bird I’ve ever known.