Enoch needs help with his completely comprehensive geeky crossword puzzle dictionary

Fellow geeks, I need help! I’m trying to make geek crossword puzzles, but I’ve only got 11,255 words in my crossword puzzle geek dictionary! (Get a life? What’s a life?)

What have I left out? I need Star Trek words, Star Wars words, computer programming words, anime words, comic book words, computer game words, RPG words, Tolkien words, Asimov words, pop culture words. Names and actors from geeky TV shows and movies. Authors and characters from geeky books. Geeky gadgets. Internet speak.

Here’s a few examples of what I’ve got, from a puzzle that’s running right now: DYNAMO, EORL, OCTAL, TRILOBITES, PSYLOCKE, NIMOY, YUGOLOTH, YAOI, DREN, LOL, TIE, ORCS, MIB, JAVASCRIPT. (If you don’t know more than four of these words, you’re probably not geeky enough to help me…)

The last two threads I’ve posted have died, absolutely died. Can we please let poor old Enoch have a thread go more than fifty responses, please? Think of it as a game. Name as many geek words as possible, and I’ll let you know if I’ve already got them in my Ultimate Geek Dictionary 3000. (Anything up to 25 characters is okay, even if it’s technically two words, like BLACKHOLE or EVENTHORIZON or TENCHIMUYO, which incidentally I’ve already got. No 2-letter words, though.)

Tetchion, router, mobius, tekwar, gastropod


bgp, rfc, trojan, subseven, isis, ospf, rip, intercal, spaghetticode, recursion, assembler, fermat, tunneling, publickey, privatekey, BNC, RJ-45, IEEE, OSI, ISO, DTE, DCE, ADSL, SDSL, b-channel, d-channel, T1, E1

  • okay ?

Spiny Norman, can I use that in my CV? :slight_smile:

Here’s a few:

Twistedpair, RJ-11, Packet, frame, multicast, bridge, UDP, NETBIOS, NETBEUI, NETBT, IPX/SPX, SMB, LDAP, WINS, DHCP, BOOTP, BIOS, spanningtree, 802.1q, 802.1p, 802.3, Appletalk, Ethertalk, BDP, MLPPP, NTU, MTU, encapsulation, asynchronous, unnumbered, ISA, shortestpath, EISA, IDE, ATA, SCSI, PCI, PCMCIA, DCOM, VLAN, stateful, stateless, RPC, DLL, EXE, resourcefork, Datafork, Fork, thread, handle, process, BSOD, C2, redbook, orangebook, registry, ADO, ODBC, SQL, PLSQL, TNS, RADIUS, interleave, stream, Castellenata (sp?), MCSE, CORBA, LISP, JAVA, J++, javascript, applet, scriptlet, serverlet, timestamp, shigerumiyamoto, kenkutaragi, VonNeumann, Turing, Godel, Wiles, Euler, Riemann, Cauchy, Pinker, Hofstadter, Dennett, Gould, Dawkins, Jareddiamond, doublethink, rootkit, Mitnick, hotpluggable, cluster, RAID(0,1,2,3,4,5,51,52,etc), , Garthennis, Tharg, failover, Galadriel, WRED…

Oops! WAY after 2 o’clock, back to work.

And sorry about the microsoft slant: occupational hazard.

(PS Thanks for the object lesson in how geeky I am).

Ummm, don’t forget ‘Xizor’, falleen, and Black Sun!

micilin, you geek.

Out of all those suggestions, the only ones I had were: ADSL, applet, assembler, asynchronous, BIOS, bridge, cluster, DLL, doublethink, EXE, Fermat, frame, Galadriel, Godel, Gould, Hofstadter, IEEE, isis, JAVA, javascript, LISP, Mitnick, Mobius, packet, process, RADIUS, RAID, recursion, registry, router, SCSI, SQL, TekWar, thread, Turing, Von Neumann

Keep 'em coming!

(The thread is dead already? <Scribbling in notebook> Max. number of posters to an EnochF thread: 5)

Status: 11,305 words


Current state of the Geektionary: 12,850 words.

Examples from the puzzle currently running: Seldon, Nebari, Beeblebrox, mana, nagus, node, Mir, Minoc, Vorta, Celeron, modulation, EMACS.

Numbers are okay, punctuation symbols like + aren’t allowed by the program. One area I’d like to add but don’t know anything about: names and places from the Wheel of Time series.

How about names of artificial languages?

How about ROFLMBOPIMP? It took me 3 days to figure that one out when it was given as a response to a post on ParentSoup, but stubborn as I am I wouldn’t ask. :slight_smile:

The in-laws - FIL, MIL, BIL, SIL


I assume you already have the main internet & SDMB acronyms & terms. If not, just say so.

some other ideas…
Mox, dilithium, fan-boy, x-factor, frag, Jarada, probability-drive, Gygax, Dyson, Dyson-Sphere,

hopefully more will come to me later…

Have you incorporated the New Hackers’ Dictionary (aka jargon.txt, jargon.html, etc.) into this yet? It’s a compendium of hacker terms that’s developed from the early days, so it includes some rather obscure terms, but a lot of stuff that most of today’s geeks would recognize. I’d post a link, but it’s in so many places in so many versions that I’m not sure where the one true file resides.