Enough already with Dennis Rodman

So Dennis Rodman visited North Korea and watched a basketball game with Kim Jong-un. It should have been a brief story discussed once of twice, then forgotten. Now it’s been a week, and I still can’t watch the news without this earth-shaking meeting being mentioned. Am I missing something? Is this actually something important, even a week later?

He’s going back.

And now he wants to meet the new Pope.

The thread title was abbreviated on the main page as “Enough already with Dennis…” and I got all excited, thinking it was going to be a pitting of Dennis Kucinich. :frowning:


I think it’s just that both are sorta cartoon figures, and so the two of 'em together is just HILARIOUS.

Plus Rodman made a lot of idiotic comments about how wonderful Kim is, showing us another example of Celebrities Being Profoundly Stupid in Public. And the media can’t get enough.

We fight fire with fire, crazy with crazy. However crazy Kim Jong-un wants to play it, the USofA can beat him at his own game. That’s the message.

I think North Korea can see that now and we won’t have to give Rodman the launch codes.

Before the year is out Kim Jong-un is destined for an appearance on The Apprentice or Celebrity Boxing. Mark me well.

Dancing With the Slightly Unhinged.

What you’re missing, no doubt, is the behind-the-scenes frenzy as Rodman’s PR people are working desperately to turn this brief moment of him being in the public eye for the first time in decades into enough of a public event to get him a career. I’m sure he’s angling for a reality show, or guest spot, or something - anything - that will get him some attention.

I look forward to seeing him threaten to turn Trump’s hair into a sea of fire.

Alas, all they’ve gotten him so far was “a promotional appearance at Fargo, North Dakota” during which he made his latest pronouncement. What was he promoting, free poly-coating at the local auto dealership?

I liked this photo posted on George Takei’s Facebook page (fourth item down on the left).

That’s pretty funny. Even a bit funnier than someone going to George Takei’s Facebook page. And that sayin’ sumthin!

Sounds like it’s time for Team America II.

Somebody should just tell Rodman he’s won that game and he can stop running up the score.

Could you explain this? I’m not getting the joke.

Takei’s Facebook page is one of the most popular on the web.

Really? Wow. I just think of him as a minor player in the Star Trek saga. One of the D-level celebrities that has appeared on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. I had no idea he had such a following. And the fact that he does may be the funniest thing of all.

Takei has successfully leverage his minor part on Star Trek into a pretty impressive media presence. It’s helped that he’s a gay man and a visible leader in the movement for marriage equality, especially in California, which has given him a lot of credit among young people. He’s also very willing to crack jokes about Star Trek, and that sort of self-deprecating humor gives him a lot of good material.

And I don’t think he’s ever appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

I saw it because one of my Facebook contacts posted it on their page. As has been said, Takei’s page is quite popular.