Enough already with Dennis Rodman

Rodman visits Kim Jong-un, and within a couple of weeks North Korea has threaten the US with a nuclear attack and pulled out of the armistice agreement. Coincidence?

I think we need to send in the Harlem Globetrotters.

I just heard on the news that he’s going to the Vatican next to talk world peace with the papal conclave (if that’s what you call it - I’m Lutheran and am not listening too closely to the TV) - can this possibly be true??

He can certainly travel to the Vatican if he wants, and apparently he is. I don’t think the conclave will let him in though.

He was great in Larry Crowne.

He was and it was a good cast.

George was making googly eyes at Lou Ferigno especially the time Lou took his shirt off.

He’s also gained some celebrity for talking about having been in an internment camp during WW2. A truly shameful piece of recent American history.

I heard that he wants to talk with the new Pope. I wonder if there’s any basketball played in the Vatican.

What’s up with Rodmans lips? Did anyone else notice they seemed, idk, bleached or something.

Sorry, I didn’t mean this as a response to Antinor01’s post.

I’m told he is in Rome now, “driving a makeshift Popemobile” and advocating the selection of an African Pope.

It’s akin to a musician playing Sun City during apartheid and then palling around with P.W. Botha. Minor, but eventually adding up to a basis for significant protest. This particular incident gets exacerbated by the fact that Rodman and the NoKo leadership are such telegenic weirdos.

The Rodman thing is facinating as Kim Jong-un’s interest in US pop culture and sports might be the way to open-up North Korea , so to speak, to the rest of the world or prove to be a chink in that country’s wall of secrecy.

Although as of Monday on BBC news there had been no confirmation of any Rodman debriefing, it’s probably fair to say it occurred. Rodman might just be doing this for publicity or there might be much more to it. Rodman can be a crazy, publicity-seeking mofo, but he’s also very smart. He can also be down-to-earth as he came down to southern Oklahoma to a po-dunk city for several weeks every year to see the family that ‘adopted’ him while he was playing in college. More here: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1067269/2/index.htm

I met him once in passing in Durant, OK at a truck stop while he was apparently with his adopted family. He’d clearly been doing physical labor and was wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt. I was about to drive off with a bag perched on top of my car and he’d been gassing up next to me. He gently knocked on my window (there aren’t many black people in that area so for him to knock that gently/cautiously suggested he’d had some negative experiences). He “ma’amed” me and held out my bag. Then I realized who he was and he autographed my toll receipt. He acted almost shy. I’ve heard very similar stories about him bring erudite, sweet and humble when with his family in OK.

So, I’m biased. But the Worm does have attributes that suggest this is a huge opportunity for the US.

He probably only picked up your bag to see if it matched his outfit. :wink:

I’ve also read in several places, one of them maybe a Cracked article that his IQ is low-genius level. Not sure there’s been any actual confirmation.

** Ambivalid**, perhaps the paleish lips involve vitiligo? I recall noticing that in pictures , and IIRC it was well before he started wearing lip gloss.

Is this the article you were thinking of? It says, “Dennis Rodman… was probably not a genius in the way that Einstein was.”

Unless you’re suggesting it’s Kim who has a low genius-level IQ…? :confused:

Why not? His pappy was a champion class golfer.