Enough is Enough

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of feeling heart-sick about the WTC, the Pentagon, and the plane in PA. I’m sick of hearing about the people with Anthrax.
And now…they’ve found Anthrax just 20 minutes from where I live. Fayetteville, North Carolina, city bordering Ft. Bragg. A plastic bag was found outside the restroom of a motel. They have 20 employees/hotel guests starting the treatment and have bused them to another location.
The threats that we now will live with every day of our lives. Not to mention what our children will face.
Has it always been this way and we were just too close-minded to realize what was happening around us? To have our fellow Americans killed, and still dying, not only on home soil but overseas also. The bridges that have been threatened, the continued fear of air travel, the fear of even really leaving your own home. Well, to all the people involved in any way with all these things that represent evil to Americans…bite me. Big time. I won’t ever give up my freedom and rights and you won’t stop me from living the life that all my ancestors fought so hard to achieve; and the people that are still fighting for.
I will not give up, I will not give in. Pass me whatever pill it takes, keep the vacines coming. You will not win. Not now, not while I breathe.

Well … dang. I live in the Triangle area of NC, and I’d heard just yesterday that this state was considered low risk for this kind of bullshit. Guess not.

Back in 1990 or so, we spent 10 days in London and there were constant bomb threats. Some real, some not. Several times during our stay we’d be on the subway and hear an announcement that the train would not be stopping at such-and-such stop due to a bomb threat. Not being used to that sort of thing, we found it a bit surreal. The Londoners, however, took it in stride, though we did see a few folks who became highly annoyed when the cops kept them from walking across squares or intersections that were cordoned off due to threats. I guess you must get used to it, sooner or later. I just find it incredibly sad that things have to be this way, at any time, anywhere.

Edlyn works in the Piedmont Triad area (NC) and tells me that someone at her office complex has begun treatments for anthrax. Sorry, I have no other details, and she is Phlegmatic.

I live in Raleigh, NC. I had also heard that the state was considered a “low-risk” area.

One concern of mine now is how the local news is going to treat this. I’m afraid WRAL (Channel 5) is going to take this story and have a field day with it, causing the majority of their viewers to completely panic.

Actually, if you look at WRAL’s website, they are doing all right so far.


Who knows what they’ll actually say on TV though.

And I think the people given preventative treatment for Anthrax in the Triad area were BB&T workers in Charlotte. Not sure, though.

I didn’t know that Edlyn worked here. Small world. Yea they’ll really make a big deal out of it on the news media. My husband called me and told me about it right after lunch, and I couldn’t get on the WRAL-TV site for well over an hour. I thought that he was delirious or something, but it’s true. They tested it three times. I just feel like it’s someone not associated with the Sept. 11 thing at all. I think this is some nutcase, like the unabomber, that’s just got a grudge and found the right time to start his payback. It just pisses me off. Innocent people, just living their lives. If I could I just wish I could tell each and every soul that has been affected by Sept. 11 and all this just how sorry I am for what has happened to them and their families. But they’ll never know really just how many people do care.

The world’s a horrible, dangerous place, chock full o’ nuts, and none of us gets out of here alive.

If you wanna feel better—at least by comparision—read about one of the many, many, awful eras in history, and you’ll realize that we’ve been really lucky up till now. Plagues! Crusades! Wars! Droughts! Enslavements! Mutliple Unpleasant Holocausts!

Mebbe I read too much history . . .

Yeah, compared to what the typical German peasant had to go through during the Thirty Years’ War, this is a walk in the park!

This isn’t news. I’ve always known that the universe is a vast, cold place inimical to human life. That concepts like love and justice exsist only in our minds. That at any minute an uncaring creation will reach out and destroy your life, and there is nothing, not one damn thing that you can do to stop it.

On an unrelated notes, how come I never get invited to any parties?

There’s still a decent chance that this is a false alarm. The non-specific anthrax tests have a false positive rate of 20-30%, which is fairly high. I guess we’ll know the answer on Monday.

Despite not having high profile targets like the WTC, Pentagon, or Golden Gate bridge, North Carolina is, unfortunately, a natural spot for terrorists to target. Look at any military actions we’ve been involved in, and where do the first troops deployed typically (although not this time) come from? How about Marines from Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point MCAS, Army from Fort Bragg, and Air Force from Pope and Seymour Johnson Air Force Bases? On the other hand, these wouldn’t be the smartest areas to target with anthrax, as I imagine that with all of the military population there, eastern NC probably has about the highest proportion of people already immunized against anthrax in the nation.

And, ultress, I hope the folks at Shearon Harris (nuclear power plant) are doing a good job on security there. It was sort of spooky that they chose this week to test out the alarm sirens.

(As a side note, when I was going to a meeting in northern Wake County last week, I drove by the reservoir near Falls Lake twice. I noted both times that there was a police car parked on top of the dam, surveying the scene.)

You betcha we are. My car gets searched every single morning. They tested the sirens because they installed a new system. Really had nothing to do with security. Another good thing, the plant is off-line until the middle of December for a refueling outage so we aren’t in a position for terrorists to do much damage right now to the public. All the equipment is down for routine maintenance.