Enough with Peyton Manning!

Don’t get me wrong. He is a good QB, and seems like a decent enough guy. He’s impressive to watch. I’m not looking forward to seeing him go against my Bears.
I’m just sick and tired of hearing his fucking name! Even during the Bears/Saints game the announcers kept talking about him. And they have to use his whole fucking name! Normally the announcers would say, “Grossman drops back…” or “Brady scrambles…” but they have to say, “Peyton Manning throws…” or “When Peyton Manning is in the huddle…” and so on, ad nauseum. If they bleeped out his name it would sound like an episode of the Osbournes.
The only reason I didn’t want the Colts to win was so I wouldn’t have to hear Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning all through the Super Bowl. I’d turn it into a drinking game where you have to do a shot whenever you hear his complete name (half shots on the rare occasions that they only use his last name) but you’d wind up suffering liver failure before the first quarter ended.
His name is now the running joke in our house. It’s become just as bad as those Head-on commercials.

The worst offender had always been John Maddening. I’m surprised he didn’t use his electronic chalkboard to draw circles and arrows around Peyton Manning’s body parts and talking about the size of Peyton Manning’s right triceps and the extension of Peyton Manning’s left hamstring.

I understand; imagine how I feel as a Colts fan when all I see on the TV during the game is Brady Brady Brady.

However, there is a legitimate reason for them to use his full name all the time (annoying though it may be) - since his brother Eli joined the NFL, they have to specify WHICH Manning they’re talking about. Before Eli played for the Giants, they just used the last name.

I know, it doesn’t help, but at least there’s sort of a reason behind it.

Otherwise, nice rant, it’s got a good beat & it’s danceable - I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. :slight_smile:

“That’s Peyton. P-E-Y…”

Sorry to contribute to the annoying. He’s a great QB, I like to watch him play, and his anti-personality amuses me in the commercials. Football analysts today over-talk all the stars.


Peyton just texted me: Your Dad really needs to use the computer. Please log off.


I know about Eli but it’s not like they are on the same team or even facing each other that often (the Colts played the Giants one time in 2006). If the field was filled with Mannings then I could understand it. But when he is the only QB named Manning in the game then they should just use his last name or at least limit the full name to maybe once every 10 minutes instead of every fucking play!
This is all besides the near reverence they use when talking about him. Granted he is a damn good QB but they talk about him like he’s Staubach, Unitas, Favre, Bradshaw and Montana rolled into one. I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse (hey, I’m a Bears fan. I know bad QBs). The announcers mention his name in games where he isn’t even playing!
Good luck on 2/4 Indyellen. I’m sure Peyton Manning will play a great game and Peyton Manning will be a decisive leader so that Peyton Manning can lead the Colts to a Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton Manning…error, error, error.

It was a nice pitting. (Sorry for the dis, erie774; its just that a set-up like that happens about as often as the Giants get to the second or third round of the play-offs. :smiley: )

Peyton Manning ruined my birthday!!! That bastard will be hearing from me, for sure. :mad:

When the play the Bears in the Super Bowl they will have to use his full name to distinguish him from the Bears’ CB Ricky Manning Jr. and S Daniel Manning. Not to mention that I’m sure Peytons little bro Eli and father Archie Manning will be there as well. That’s 5 Mannings right there, and we are only talking the ones that play(ed) football. Of course there is always the off chance that the Buffalo Bills LB Roy Manning will be there as an invited guest of the (extended) Manning family. A veritable 6 pack of Mannings!

Surely 99.999% of football fans aren’t confused about which is which? He’s called that because the announcers like to hear themselves say it; he has an unusual first name, and they’re likely instructed to mention it as often as possible as he’s perceived as being a sellable commodity.

Unless Ricky, Daniel, Archie or Eli are standing with their hands under Jeff Saturday’s ass, I think we are smart enough to figure out that Peyton is the QB. And if I see Ricky or Daniel passing the ball to any Colt player, I believe I am justified in having him handed over to the Bears fans tailgating outside the stadium. Come to think of it, the same should apply to Grossman.

Where is the love for the least known Manning, Roy? Actually, I’d be very disturbed to see a menagerie of Mannings with their hands under Jeff Saturday’s ass. As would Jeff Saturday I would imagine.

I just really hate his pornostache in one of those commericals. That’s the kind of thing bad dreams are made of.

Hey, gotta give Clay his props too…

Now then, my related peeve is when I’m watching a National Football League game and the announcers calling the National Football League game seem to forget that there are things called “initials”. In two weeks time, when you’re watching the championship game of the National Football League, listen close to the announcers and see how many times you hear that so-n-so is one of the best players in the National Football League, or how rarely you see such-n-such a move in the National Football League.

Mr. Announcer, FOAD.

It wouldn’t be so bad if every newspaper and sports website on the planet didn’t think that the headline “Peyton’s Place” was the HEIGHT of hilarity. Jeez, we GET it!

Maybe you mean the guy with the laser, rocket arm, maybe?

The ass-kissing that announcers throw Peyton Manning’s way is NOTHING compared to the verbal blowjobs that they give Brett Favre during every frickin’ game, even if he is 3-14 for 43 yards.

"You know Al. If a rookie had thrown that pass, he would be sitting on the bench right now, watching Jeff George take over the offense, wondering if he has what it takes to make it in the NFL.

But when Brett Favre makes that pass, it’s OK. Even when it’s run back for a touchdown like what just happened, it’s OK because Brett Favre is one of those special players who is allowed to make passes like that. That’s what makes him special."

OK, the Colts won. Congratulations. I was not surprised.
As a little experiment I counted how often the announcers said “Peyton Manning” versus “Rex Grossman” from the first kickoff. We stopped at the end of the first quarter.
Peyton Manning 35
Rex Grossman 7

That was in just one freaking quarter. Later in the game one of the announcers actually pulled a double when he said something like, “If you ask Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning will say…” Thank god I won’t half to listen to this gratuitous ass kissing till the fall.

It’s not hard to see why they talked about Peyton more than Rex. Rex was almost never on the field. Possession was 2 to 1 in favor of the Colts, and a good part of the Bears’ possession was garbage time when they were 2 scores down with no momentum and no hope of recovery.

True and I will not dispute that the possession time of the Bears was pathetic. But is it really necesary to say “Peyton Manning” repeatedly? At another point an announcer said, “If you you ask Peyton Manning he will tell you that the point difference is 2.” OK, first of all, any moron who had looked at the score board could see that the difference was 2 and second, why the hell would you have to ask Peyton Manning and why did you have to say his whole damn name? I’m sick of hearing his whole name over and over.
As a slight aside, the MVP should have gone to Rex. His great passing ability and skill with scrambling in the pocket lead to a victory. Of course it wasn’t his team that won, but…