Entenmann's cupcakes

Did Entenmann’s completely stop making cupcakes? Here in NYC, at least, I haven’t seen any on the shelves in months!

If so, for G-d’s sake, why??? They definitely weren’t selling badly. (I may not have access to their sales figures, but I can see what remains on the shelf a day or two later.) The fudge-iced crullers, which were around for a few months, I could see might not have proven to be a viable product (although I certainly loved them!), but they’ve been selling the cupcakes for years!

I need the straight dope on this…

And some of their cupcakes.

Chaim Mattis Keller

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– Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective

Here you go.

Entenmann’s, a subsidiary of Best Foods Baking Co. stopped selling cupcakes within the last year as a year 'round product.

They now sell them only during Holidays.

So fear not, you should be seeing some soon!

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Oh, woe is me!

Them holiday cupcakes had better be the good kind…the devil’s food with the white cream inside. And not those crappy sponge-cake, unfilled holiday cupcakes they also sell.

Man, what can I (and others) do to get them to change their minds?

Chaim Mattis Keller

Give them a call. (516) 273-6000.

The receptionist thought they still made cupcakes, so her info is apparently not current.

But I bet you can reach somebody there who can help.

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I talked to 800-356-3314 - Public Relations

Could be my “source” (yeah - like I really sound important now don’t I) was an idiot.

“When I was seventeen…I had a very good beer…”

  • Homer Simpson

And since I’m such a kindhearted soul, here’s a link to Fat Free (DOH!) Entenmann’s Chocoloate Cupcakes. But you have to bake them. Then you have to send me one. Deal?

Missy, I think your source was probably better. Cuz I don’t remember having seen the cupcakes around much either, and cuz I just asked the first person who picked up the phone, as opposed to getting directed to PR or something.

P.S. Kickass sig.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Fat Free??? FAT FREE???

I understand you’re trying to be helpful, but “Entenmann’s” and “Fat Free” do not mix.


Any reference in which you see them mixing is actually occurring in an alternate universe in which aliens have taken over the Earth.

Chaim Mattis Keller

CMK…isn’t that what Contestant #3 has been telling us all along? :wink:

I was just at the local supermarket and they had a complete display of Entenmann’s products. Pies, cupcakes, poundcake, et cetera. I live in a fairly small town (less than 10,000 people) in northeastern Pennsylvania. Maybe the cupcake embargo is a regional thing.