ENTERPRISE 10/29/03: The Shipment

Synopsis from startrek.com:

The episode page also has a picture: While hiding in an alien manufacturing plant, Archer and Reed steal a canister filled with an unknown substance

When Archer opens the canister, he says:

“My God. It’s full of stars.”

Then the ship blows up. Cut to senior staff sitting around a table playing poker. Porthos has three pips on his collar.

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dueling threads! like what if Jesus was born as twins!

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Synchronize your watches!

So did they use the thrusters or vent the shuttlebay?

If you’re going to build a plant that synthesizes vital explosive materials for your super-weapon, would you really put the sloths in charge? Don’t you think think they’d be on some kind of tight schedule? Maybe a more industrious species, like the insects.

Am I a Xindi-xenoracist?

Why would you put carnivorousplant in charge of synthesizing vital explosive materials? Is there something you’re not telling us?

plants nowadays catch their food via napalm.

The more we learn about their stupid plan, the more it sounds like a giant space version of “mousetrap”. All they need is a quantum bowling ball to drop into a transwarp bathtub as a detonation device.

So, are we going to be treated a synopsis of last week’s ep in every teaser from now on? I’m not a great fan of this…
On the plus side, I like the matte of the ____Xindi city and the Enterprise using the moon of the planet as a shield. Should’ve used a Lagrange point, but that wouldn’t be visually exciting, now would it? Plus, it would feel open…
Ah…, SlothXindi. Okay.
Good use of transporter.
Who is the guy with Quantum and PervyMal?

We should summarize all episodes in every post, incase a n00b stumbles across our threads and gets confused and thinks twin Jesuses are attacking carnivorousplants with mousetraps. Because that’s next week’s episode, anyway.

Lagrange Points - L2 would be best for our purpose. (Hiding)
A fun animation

i used to have a program where you could design planet systems and set up orbits. i used to delight in flinging worlds off into the deep void of space.


Grub gun?

Bugs and Reptiles are the really bad Xindi, it seems.

I notice Quantum wanted blast supressors so that the town doen’t suffer while they blow up the factory. Quantum to Mal (in re: destroying the colony): “We came here to prevent a war, not start one.” So, now Quantum is wishy washy again? Or are the new meds making him a pussy?

For Tars.

Obviously, the grub gun knew Tripp isn’t Xindi and started up a Predator style self destruct.

So, T’Pol can’t answer a hail from the big ass command chair and has to lean over Mayweather at con to do so? Well, it allows a pan shot and dialogue from Hoshi and Mayweather.

Did I like the ep? Yeah, oddly enough, I did. Not a stinker, but it would totally dud out a newbie trekker, methinks. Kind of slow. But the Quantum / Sloth guy interchange was good. “Remember, not all Xondi are bad Xindi.”