Enterprise: Acquisition thread (Spoilers)

(in response to popular demand, okay, one person…)

No, haven’t seen it (am moving to San Fran this week). So what’s the scoop? Clint Howard whip out ice cream and sick Gentle Ben on the crew? Did he show off his brother’s Oscars (made with gold pressed latinum?) Did he whip out the Balok puppet? Did Jeffery Combs say he was Brunt’s Grandpappy? Ethan Phillips cook? That other guy do other stuff?

I hear Hoshi doesn’t even have any lines this episode (say it isn’t so!!)

Let’s just say… “Continuity? We don’t need no stinkin’ continuity!”




Who’s Clint Howard?

Only Archer, Trip and Tit’Pol have lines. Everyone else, including Hoshi is asleep. Except maybe Mayweather. It’s hard to tell.

It’s funny. Phillips and Combs are good; they don’t play type cast characters from previous roles. Phillips is a bad guy and Combs is sort of a Rom character.

My problems are that the Ferenghi consider gold valuable, which is worthless to them by the DS9 era. It’s only used to hold the latinum because it’s pretty. How the heck can Our Heroes not know that they are Ferenghi? The first thing Archer asks. Perhaps they have the Ferenghi word for Ferenghi, but I reckon that would be Ferenghi, right? Even Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid whilst dealing with their own species ask “Who are those guys?”

Maybe they had dummies made up for Hoshi, and Phlox and just gave them the week off. (Mayweather already has one. It is rumored that the guy who shows up for conventions has never been on the set.) :slight_smile:

Obviously you haven’t watched any Ron Howard movies (He’s in practically all of them) Clint is Ron Howard’s younger Brother who has the distinction of being in Three seperate Star Trek Series.
TOS Balok “the Corbomite Maneuver”
DS9 “Past Tense Part 2” (He’s they guy who thought he was invisible)
Enterprise “Aquisition”

He was also in the Show Gentle Ben and has a face you can never ever possibly forget! (That is not a compliment)

As for the Gold if you notice everytime Archer says Gold they respond Gold pressed Latnum. My guess is they mistook his gold reference to the Latnum. After all why would any species treasure a simple metal like gold?

And Speaking of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Anyone notice the Ferenghi were wearin’ Western Style duds?
Pushing the Yankee Trader metephor a bit.

From DS9, Latinum is a mercury-like liquid metal with the
gold-press simply being a physically and chemically inert container.

These earlier Ferengi were using a ship which had to DOCK with
Enterprise in order to board it.

No transporters, therefore, no replicators.

Without the ability to replicate the simple element Gold, it was still
rather rare, and therefore valuable.

And have we forgotten that when we met the Ferengi in the first season of TNG, it was a Big Deal[sup]TM[/sup] because no human had ever seen them before? I have my suspicions about certain lines they used that they might be able to weasel out of it, but I’m curious if anyone else has any ideas…



BTW, I forgot the socks.

Oy, I find myself saying this alot…
The episode as a standalone was alright. In the context of everything we know about trek, it is continuity murder. Maybe B&B are doing this on purpose to show how swiss cheesed the timeline has become because of the high volume of time travel throughout TNG, DS9, Voyager, and the movies.
I can’t believe I’ve been reduced to being an apologist for B&B.

Some funny stuff in this ep. And I’d love a pair of those colorful Ferengi socks for Christmas.

I guess I can’t do my usual rant about lack of screen time for Mayweather, since Hoshi, Phlox and Reed had no lines/action either. We’ll see about next week…

 All Archer said at the end was for the Ferengi not to come near any of their ships again, or else.
 I don't think he actually knows the name of their species, but there's no logical reason why his report wouldn't include a description.  And they've got visual records of them too.
 Those are all the ideas I have. 

Maybe Something Will Happen to Enterprise so that their records are never seen…If they see Romulans, we know they are doomed.

This episode epitomizes why I love and hate Enterprise. In some ways, this is the show that TOS should have been. Exploring unknown worlds, encountering strange new life forms, and gee, some of them are a lot more advanced than we are. The crew is not perfect, they have recognizable flaws (I loved it when Tucker called Archer “a greedy sonofabitch” :smiley: ). And I don’t care what anybody says, I love the theme song.

OTOH, as a lifelong Trekker, this episode, like much of Enterprise is another example of Brannon Braga getting his kicks by “pissing on the Sacred Continuity.” However, I do have to give props to JustPlainBryan – I suppose with all the time travel done in the last few years, enough minor changes have caused fluctuations on a quantum level that –

Oh, somebody stop me! :rolleyes:

I have to say, I’ve only seen three or four episodes, but somewhere during last night’s episode I realized what a good job they’ve done with it. I’ll be watching it regularly from now on. And I’m not knowledgeable about ST enough to the point where I’ll understand any continuity infractions, so little things like that don’t spoil it for me.

Esprix, I your first post went way over my head. Is there a thread behind it? If so, is there a link I can have?

I was referring to the fact that the Federation wasn’t supposed to have encountered the Ferengi until TNG. (We’ll revisit the lack of continuity when we encounter the Romulans, and we probably already screwed up continuity with the Klingons.)


I didn’t have as much problems with the continuity issue as I thought I would–they only saw 4 Ferengi (none of whom mention their species name or planet of origin), relatively few of the crew had extensive contact except possibly near the end and 200 years or so is a LONG time to preserve electronic records of a new alien species, particularly when the ship in question is an exploration vessel that presumably meets dozens of new species per month. With hindsight, we can see the encounter as significant–to them, it’s just a matter of Yet Another Damn Alien Species Stealing Our stuff (YADASSOS?).

Actually, the main thing that’s been bugging me about the series is the distances involved. I thought Ferengi lived WAAAY out of Federation territory? This show has had that problem on a few of the other episodes, too. Khonos, for example, is only a few months away by Enterprise continuity. This seems pretty off, unless the Enterprise is much faster than they say.

Months? Try days (four, IIRC). Frellin’ ridiculous. :mad:


Ok, I thought the reference to Scylla meant something more. Please refrain from using that name in vain. :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t have been difficult to show more time passing, say, focus on the Klingon’s recovery, but we are talking about faster than light travel, for cryin’ out loud. :slight_smile:

The author suggested (I can’t find the !@#$%^&* link) that there were some ‘eddys’ or ‘something’ envolved; that the plants on “Rogue Planet” used leaves for cooling rather than photosynthesis.

Hell, it beats Andromeda and Lexx. :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who does not like Archer? He is such a sanctimonious self-righteous blow hard half the time. And what is it with Tucker and the writers? They just love the crap out of him, don’t they? Riker and Spock never got so much air time, especially not so much of it in their undies.

Maybe. :slight_smile:

At first I thought he spoke slowly and loudly, over enunciating to makes aliens understand with their crummy 8-bit universal translator; but he speaks like that all the time, so maybe I just don’t like his acting method.
Which brings up him playing the same guy in Quantum Leap and Eterprise, and Ethan Phillips and Jeffrey Combs playing very different characters in their guest roles.
I think Tucker is kind of cool. At least he doesn’t have lip implants. The actor says the accent is from N. Arkansas and Missouri, but it sounds Texan to me. Tars? You are in MO, do ya’ll talk like that up there?

Biggirl, do you find the pseud-Southern thing annoying, or the underwear thing? B&B have done that to almost everyone else, Gratuitous Fruit Of The Loom. GFL.