Enterprise Episode Sequels Thread

Since there’s so much unfinished business…

“Dead Stop” sequel: Months later, Archer finally remembers to make Trip and Malcolm serve an extended time-out in their quarters. Meanwhile, Phlox discovers that Travis should have gone through decon (he’s the only one who hasn’t been in there yet–besides Phlox himself, not that I’m looking forward to it).

“Marauders” sequel (this is one I’m actually serious about): In need of deuterium, Archer and company return to the mining colony planet–only to find everyone dead and the place burned to the ground by the vengeful Klingons. This is one major incident that will bring about the drafting of the Prime Directive.

Your turn.

Can we do TNG too?

Q Pid, Redux

We go back to Q’s Sherwood Forrest, where we find all the characters have continued to develop. Since Data accidently left a communicator there, the Merry Men have built a Starship to equal NCC-1701D and are about to wreak havok on the galaxy. Especially the Ferengie since they need to rob from the rich alien bastards with funny heads and give to the poor space babes.

How about a sequal to that episode with Lincoln in space, where Lincoln is ressurected again by them rock aliens, only he runs for president of the Federation, but is really evil, and starts a civil war, and only a ressurected John Wilkes Boothe can kill him? (plot semi-stolen from South Park)

All incarnations of Trek are fair game now, since [Trip]y’all have gone hinky on the thread title[/Trip].

“A Night in Sickbay” sequel: A long-dormant remnant of the pathogen that Porthos picked up on the Kretassans’ planet surfaces in the form of projectile vomiting in Archer’s quarters, prompting said captain to return to that planet and emit bodily fluids all over their sacred relics–with NO apologies this time.

Two More Days and Two More Nights

Harrison Ford and Anne Heche are deep space vacationers who end up on the wrong side of Risa and have to rebuild an old japanese float plane into a deep space capable vehicle so they can get back to Movies that don’t involve any Friends actors.

Panda (if you like them that way) and lots of sploshuns!

[TNG] The Gambit - Whatever happened to Ro Laren? I know she’s in the relaunched DS9 books and those’re supposedly considered canon but I want to make sure.

[TNG] Lower Decks… what happened to the junior officers?

[DS9’s] Mirror Episodes - I don’t think I saw the last of these… what happened? If the humans didn’t kill some spoonheads, then we need some more episodes of those.

[Voyager] - That episode with the dinosaurs. It’d be cool if they had learned later on that they were actually from Earth and had set course for it to reclaim their home.

That episode doesn’t exist.
How about a sequal to voyager where they all get lost again, then all die except the Doctor, Chakotay, and Tuvok. They could call it: “What the fans want.”

Doesn’t exist?

Dinosaurs in space. Never happened. I got my fingers in my ears LALALALALALALALALALALALA!!

Okay, yeah… it is a B Movie plot line but I liked it regardless.

I’m a fanboy… so sue me.


Distant Origins Voyager season three :dubious:

Actually, one of the better concepts they ever had. Just handled in a childlike manner. Could’ve been an amazing continuing provocation, but no… Again, brilliance mangled by incompetence. I’m gonna become a writer, I think. Make it all work gooder.

The Chase TNG

Klingons figure out how to back two billion years in time so they can show their annoyance by killing her. Then they disappear in a time paradox that only Wesley Crusher can fix.

“If she were still alive, I would kill her now!”

“Strange New World”: they go back to that funky planet with the weird storms and find out that the supposedly hallucinated “Rock people” in the cave really existed after all. They turn out to be relatives of the TOS smokin’ rock monster, Yarnek; and of the Horta as well.

“The TNG episode where Wesley took off with the Traveler”: where the hell have they been all this time, between that ep. and Nemesis ?

They went to a party with Slartibartfast and just lost track of the time.

The Communicator

Travis realizes he left his script on the planet, so now he has no more lines. Ever.

Would love to see an episode where Trip and Scotty meet, and poor Scott has to explain why his engine room (some 114 years after Trip’s) looks like a couple of circuit boards and over-sized knobs duct-taped to a wall while Trip’s is pretty damn futuistic.

Or Spock can tell us why his computers whirr and click constantly, or why the chronmoeter is of the roll/flip variety instead of LTD, etc., etc.

Sir Rhosis

^^^None of which is a sequel. Sorry.

Sir Rhosis

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