Entertain Me! (Please?)

I had a molar pulled this morning. It sucked. It was already broken and had a huge cavity and when they tried to pull it out it shattered, leading to a long, painful, messy extraction. The four syringes of Novocaine they gave me have worn off and now I’m sore and achy and miserable in spite of the Percocet or whatever the prescription painkiller they gave me was, and I’ve been chewing on gauze for five hours now to try to stop the bleeding. I can’t even lie down and nap cuz the wound has to be kept elevated, so I’ve been on the 'net all afternoon trying to keep myself occupied because that’s pretty much all I can do. Now, though, I’ve run out of online stuff to amuse myself with.

That’s where you come in! I need some pleasant diversions. If anyone has any links to funny pictures, or better yet some great online comedy articles or writing, or some funny videos, or some great music, or ANYTHING else that’d cheer me up, I’d be eternally grateful if you’d share! All I need are links; thanks in advance!

If you have any geeky inclinations (math, computer, science, sci-fi, etc.) then you should have a great time with xkcd.com. I’m not really a web-comic fan, but Dopers linked to it in so many threads that I had read a few … then a few more … then more … The alt-text is great too (hover your mouse over a strip).

I also find I-am-bored.com great in a pinch, especially if I haven’t been there in a while. Links to a variety of things — images, videos, games, etc., mostly embedded on the site (so you don’t have to worry about a thousand pop-ups or tabs). The short descriptions are pretty good, too, with brief and accurate notions of what’s behind the link and NSFW warnings where necessary (mostly very tame swearing, no pr0n).

In the humor vein, I’m also love cracked.com. I don’t read their articles so much, but their lists are great.

These are pretty mainstream, so you may already have been to all the above — also, your mileage may vary, and I’m not your lawyer!

Hope you feel better!

ETA: if you’ll take a bit of music, GO NOW to check out Betty Davis. Not the actress, Mrs. Miles Davis, Queen of Funk.


If you like the Sound of Music in a large train station
someone just sent this to me and I thought it was pretty entertaining

Oddee has a bajillion lists of strange and funny stuff like “15 Hilarious Church Signs” and “10 Weirdest Diseases”. I can kill anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours just browsing around. Check out the advertising ones, they’re usually pretty cool.

You probably already know about lolcats, fail blog and picture is unrelated. If not look for them. I’m kind of new here and unsure if posting links is ok.

Alastair - break.com has some pretty funny vids. I always get a laugh out of watching stupid people hurt themselves (insert Darwin Award comment/joke here).

Thanks, all, for your help! I was already familiar with most of the sites mentioned but Oddee was a new one to me and I love it!

fascinated clicking

This was sent to me today. A cockatoo dancing to a Ray Charles song:


Huge fun!

You could read several years’ worth of old Casey and Andy webcomics - or at least the one in which Andy goes to the dentist.