Entirely new webcomic from SMBC-creator: Laws and Sausages

Couldn’t find a thread on this so I thought I’d post to let people know about this, as it seems to have fighting ignorance in common with this site. I’m sure for most American posters it’s all pretty well-known stuff so far (certainly for those who debate politics in GD), but as a non-US non-GD poster I’m finding it informative and entertaining. Their stated goal is “to make a comic that improves your ability to think and argue about politics, regardless of your fundamental views.”. It’s basically an American Political Science 101 (at least to begin with).

Click here to check it out.

NB: I have no affiliation with Zach Weinersmith or SMBC, have just enjoyed his comics for years - was probably put on to them via a thread here.

Thanks. Although, as you suggested, much of it is old hat to me it’s nicely done and accessible. Will continue to read and share.