SMBC nails it! (Why I love this board.)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal ranges from the obscure to the irrelevant, but today’s (Apr. 12, 2022) strip just nails why I love this place. Not to mention old bars.

Well could he?

Get a course credit for it?

I’d just like to add a shout-out to this bit at the bottom:


Remember when people used to read the little blog posts under comics? They don’t now, so I can write whole lines of gibberish, squinkle dabyougargh nunglepeep.

LOL, I saved that particular SMBC strip and passed it around to certain friends when I saw it yesterday.

Your link led me to a strip about Cookie Monster. Is this what you were trying to talk about?

Updated link. I think.

As a teacher who recently retired “to spend more time with my tavern”, I heartily endorse this.

Although my college was nowhere near this bad… we got plenty of serious philosophical (even off-topic) talk done between the required stuff.

Thanks for the link to SMBC! I’m a big fan of xkcd but had not heard about this one. I wasn’t quite sure about it at first, but as I kept hitting the back arrow and looking at more and more of them, I really got to like it. It’s now a tab on my tablet’s browser and when I go to bed at night or wake up in the middle of the night, I browse through dozens of them. Some of them are good enough to be saved to my illustrious Museum of Terrific Cartoons! :slight_smile:

There is a middle ground. Even the most technical degrees have a theoretical component (if they are degrees) and a bachelor’s program introduces you to that. It is, therefore, entirely possible to get a job while still learning enough to bootstrap your way into having the interesting discussions without being wealthy or well-connected enough to be able to live inside academe forever. Remember that, historically, Liberal Arts degrees were for people who didn’t work, but inherited, a tradition kept alive by “legacy” admissions.

I started reading SMBC through a recommendation on xkcd’s home page, and frankly I find it generally more interesting / wittier / funnier than (recent) xkcd.

Also check out the related BAHFest.

Aside: Am I the only one who reflexively expands the acronym “SMBC” to “Silly Message Board Comics”? I mean, I know that’s not it, but somehow that’s what sticks in my head.

Perhaps a better acronym for that comic would have been “SaturDay Morning Breakfastcereal”.