Envy me, damnit!

I’ll make this short and sweet.

Far be it from me to be the bearer of good tidings, but as of today, I have lost 50 pounds since mid February (okay, okay – that still leaves me only a shade under 300, but I’ll take it, for now).


I just got a promotion! I’m a Senior Court Clerk! Under our new contract, I’ll eventually max out at over $80,000 (which, by then, won’t buy much, but I’ll settle, by gum!)

Go ME!

I was a little worried about making the gods jealous, what with all my good fortune, but the soda machine I went to at work this afternoon was out of Diet Dr. Pepper, and I couldn’t find my friend at the bar she invited me to for a celebratory drink (thus wasting my $10.00 cover charge and my $2.00 valet parking tip) so I feel that the balance of the universe has been restored, and all should be well from here on out.

That’s it. I’ll just shuffle off to bed now, as I have just been having a celebratory libation. Low carb, of course.


I love success stories. That is why I do what I do. Great to hear that you are a success!!

(cheek kiss if you are female, manly back slap if you are not)

SSG Schwartz

About 1% of your total weight lost per week, that’s a great pace to be on!

Congrats on the promo, tell your friend she’s buying all the drinks for your next promotion (or when you reach, let’s say 275, whichever comes first. :D)

Congratulations on all counts!

And thank you for the timely encouragement to end today’s carbohydrate binge.

You da man!!

Even if you’re a lady, you’re still the man!!