I've lost 100 lbs - I feel sexy & flirty & my pants keep falling off!

I’m melllting away! Meeellllllting away!

Some of you may be aware that on December 4th, 2002, I had gastric bypass surgery. Well, as of Friday, I’d lost 100 pounds. I have no pants that fit - not that I’m complaining. Now I’m ‘in style’ because my pants are so baggy I have to wear a belt. :smiley:

My primary care physician told me that one of the strangest side effects he’d noticed his female patients experience was lots of attention from guys. We’ll I can testify that this is true!

So far, I’ve been chatted up by a prisoner who works on the capitol grounds and two tow truck guys! Yay! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, the purpose of this thread is to congratulate me. :wink:

I’d also like to hear updates from FunLvnCriminal, Nutty Bunny, OpalCat, Zoe, and anyone else who wants to share.

Were your pants down at the time you were chatted up? :wink: Well done and YAY you.

I had the DS (see my page about it) November 29 of 2002. I have lost 98lbs and now weigh 119. I wear a size 7 pants and a size 4-6 or Small top.

pic 1 | pic 2

I eat anything I want. A typical breakfast for me is 2 or 3 pancakes with lots of butter and syrup. I’ve eaten as many as 4 at a time but that was kinda pushing it on the feeling-too-full frontier.

I feel good enough that I actually posted lingerie pics on my site…that says a lot!

oooh. You’re so skinny. :cool:

THanks :smiley:

Here is what I’ve gotten on ebay:

http://fff.fathom.org/pages/opalcat/corset.jpg (34B)

http://fff.fathom.org/pages/opalcat/bluething.jpg (Small)

And they both fit no problem :slight_smile:

Ahhhh ebay. Home of $5-$10 lingerie…

Congratualations! Good work!

So you’re (a) thin and (b) not wearing pants. Cool! :slight_smile:

Sorry, glad you’re happy.

sperfur … pics?

Picssss… hmmm…

We’re having a dopefest right here at my house in 2 weeks - they’ll be pics from that.

I also have pics from about 6 weeks ago at the KC dopefest (I’d lost 80ish pounds by then):

In the black shirt, w/sunglasses, next to the lovely redhead in the sleeveless top (misstee).

Watching everyone else eat, 'cuz I wasn’t hungry - yay!

Thank you, elmwood and SkipMagic for the pics.

Congratulations! You hit the trifecta! :smiley:

Woohoo! Pics look great!!! What is your goal? I’m 4lbs away from mine :smiley:

I have 20 to 40 to go, depending on which doctor I listen to.

Congrats to you both!

It’s an amazing feeling :slight_smile:


You both look great.

This will no doubt be of great advantage in the pudding wrestling matches of your upcoming dopefest. Don’t think I won’t be prepared.

And congrats. I thought you looked quite svelte at the last dopefest.

Not that you’re really looking for it again, but any time I lose something it’s usually behind the TV set or under my bed. Just a warning that if you inadvertantly look in those places you wouldn’t want it jumping out and grabbing at you.

Hello :slight_smile: Would any of you care to share about the actual surgery itself, esp how long it took you to be able to get back to work?


Well my surgery stuff is fairly well documented in my journal, relevant entries from which may be read here: WLS journal entries
And you can read more in general at my WLS page and at www.duodenalswitch.com.

My surgery is called the Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch and basically means that I have a fully functional stomach, just reduced in size, and a fancy rearrangement of my intestines. (You can read about the difference between what I had and what sperfur had here)My stomach has stretched and should stretch some more over the next few months to about “normal” so I can eat a regular sized meal. I’m getting close to that now. I also have no restrictions on the type of foods that I can eat.

I was in the hospital for 3 days but could have left after 2 but they sort of forgot about me. I was in bed for about a week. If I worked outside the home I probably could have gone back to work after that if my job was an office job. I went to Dave & Ginger’s party like 10 days later and at the 2 week mark I flew 2300 miles to Arizona for Christmas and went out to dinner with friends, walked around, etc. etc.

Thank you OpalCat , very much! Congrats to all of you, you look great. :slight_smile: