Envy me! I got hardtoget tickets to Labron James. What? Sumbitch!

If you don’t know who Labron James is, he’s the best high school basketball player in the US. And he plays here in Akron where I am. And my 12 year old wants to see him play, but thery’re sold out.

But I just got two free tickets this morning to his last home game.

And 10 minutes ago, the Ohio High School Athletic Association ruled him ineligible for accepting free expensive jerseys from a store in Cleveland. Now, I don’t care a whit about his status except as it impacts ME AND MY KID!

I am so pissed.

And not fucking before time. I wish they had busted his ass for that fucking Humvee.

No offense, sam, but I think maybe you can find a better role model for your 12 year old.

Well Samclem…I hope you enjoy the game because LeBron will NOT be playing…


Just in case:

CLEVELAND – High school basketball star LeBron James has been ruled ineligible to play for the rest of the season because he accepted free clothes.

The decision Friday by the Ohio High School Athletic Association comes four days after James, a senior at St. Vincent-St. Mary, was cleared for accepting a $50,000 US sport utility vehicle as a gift from his mother.

Last Saturday, James was given two retro sports jerseys from a clothing store. The jerseys, honouring former Chicago Bears running back Gale Sayers and former Washington Bullets centre Wes Unseld, cost a combined $845.

James’ school must forfeit Sunday’s game, the association said in a news release.

The six-foot-eight James is considered the best high school player in the U.S. and is expected to be the top player selected in June’s NBA draft.

Well, that plus the fact that he likes to back into old ladies’ cars with his Hummer and take off.

LeBron got a Hummer from his mother?


If I was him, I’d hire an agent, sign some big endorsement deals, and not even bother with another high school game. This weird penny-ante crap only happens because these associations, in their infinite wisdom, prevent kids from earning any money. As if it is some sort of crime to accept a shudder gift from someone. :rolleyes:

Well, since he’s now inelegible forever, he may as well actually cash in on the millions that people are begging to give him. I woulda done it months ago if I were him, who the fuck is the Ohio High School Athletic Association (or the NCAA, for that matter) to tell someone they’re not allowed to earn money? These associations want kids to forgo millions of potential earnings, no wonder all the good players are getting outta Dodge as early as possible.

Anh links to to e rules about that kind of thing? And why they would matter at all?

Oh, I agree that the rules ought to be changed.

But the simple fact is that the rules exist. And he knew that, and broke them anyway. Part of playing ball is following the rules, no?

andros, you’re right, he shouldn’t be allowed to play. Of course, if I were LeBron, I would have already signed a contract with Nike, bought my own Hummer, and told the administration to suck my left one, but that’s just me.

The thing that bothers me is his lack of foresight. He’s going to be drafted number one in the next draft (barring some sort of tragedy of course) and shortly there after he will sign the biggest allowable rookie contract (unless the Cavs draft him, he said he wouldn’t play there). He couldn’t wait 8 months? Come on.

Even if the Hummer H2 is perfectly legal, and I’m sure it is, why does he need to bring this sort of attention to himself. Without him receiving the Hummer H2, they wouldn’t have even bothered looking into the Jerseys…

Labron isn’t my kid’s role model. You’d have to know my kid. He just appreciates good basketball players.

And, yes, the Hummer was probably a violation, but you couldn’t prove it since it went through his mom.

What pisses me off, other than having tickets to a now ho-hum game, is that this kind of shit goes on day-in and day-out in high school, college, etc. It’s a joke. But I also agree that it doesn’t excuse Labron for bad judgement.

Labron will now be free to sign a contract with Nike(or whomever) next week for a few million. And it’s gonna happen. I’m glad for the kid. He’s got a gift and should be able to capitalize on it the way a teenaged singer can sign a record contract for millions. Or an actor/actress.

I’m still pissed ONLY because my kid got fucked out of his one chance to see a great talent play a game in our backyard for FREE.

<Nelson Pointing>
Ha Ha!

[sub]Sorry someone had to do it.**

Don’t fear, you’ll see him soon enough in an NBA game, which you’ll get tickets to, only to hear he blew his ACL 10 minutes before that game resulting in another Ha Ha from yours truly.

Nelsoning myself for that shitty coding.

I wouldn’t worry about LeBron, he’ll be alright. IIRC the Nike / Adidas bidding over him was at 25 million or so.

As far as the hummer goes, supposedly his mother took out a loan against his future earnings. I hope this is the case, as his mother would have to be complete brain dead morons not to realize the attention he would generate with a $50,000 car. I find it very likely that she could walk in, say who her son is, and walk out with the money in under 5 minutes.

Looks like coding and grammar are against me today.

And just think, you’re one spelling error short of the Triple Crown. :smiley:

Last count, I had 56 triple crowns. If I make 2 mistakes in a row, I back away from the keyboard real slow…

First of all, it sucks that samclem and his son won’t be able to see LeBron James play. For you guys, I am sorry.

But from LeBron’s perspective, I think he is better off. He had nothing to prove and nowhere to go playing for his HS team. As of right now, he is the consensus #1 overall pick in June’s NBA draft and no one else is even close. Why risk messing it up, like getting hurt or something, by keeping playing?

As for the Hummer, I see absolutely nothing wrong with that one at all. His mother set that up for him as an 18th birthday present, and the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s investigation found no evidence of any wrongdoing. And, its not like he’s the first HS student to ever have his parents buy him a nice car either.

The jerseys on the other hand, are an obvious rules violation. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it besides that fact, its against the rules. James deserved to be punished for violated these rules, and I don’t think his punisment was excessive. My gut feeling on this situation, is that James knew it was a violation, but figured there would be another in-depth investigation, and by the time it concluded the season would be over anyway. That’s just a hunch.

Oh well, now at least LeBron can now sign some endorsment deals, pay his mom back for his car, get her one of her own and maybe a house, and take it easy til June when he goes #1 and can then sign another multi-million dollar contract.

Fair enough, sam. I do feel for you–I’d love to see the kid play also.

It ain’t a gift if he has to pay her back.

And am I the only one who thinks $845 for two jerseys is a little excessive?

I wouldn’t pay $845.00 for ** New ** Jersey.