Enzyte Bob and his wife-- same actor?

My husband has decided that in the Enzyte commercials (the penis pill ones featuring the guy with the huge grin and the oh-so-subtle references to wood, etc.) that the actress who plays Bob’s wife is not an actress at all, but the Bob actor in drag. I say it’s definitely not the same person, even if she isn’t very attractive. Who’s right?

I don’t think it’s Bob, either.

She has that “he won’t stop f***ing me! HELP!” look on her face.

You’re right. Having the person that’s supposed to be getting all these super male hormones dressed in drag would run directly counter to the message of the product.

I also think that it is Bob in drag so your husband is not alone.

No way… They don’t look alike at all…

It’s an actress who looks nothing like Enzyte Bob (who I think is kinda hot).

I don’t think they’re the same either but that horrid rictus grin (prosthetic, I hope) they both have is what makes some think so.

I didn’t notice any resemblance when I saw the commercials, but I’m going to keep my eye out now. And that “Wonders of Wood” spot made me laugh till I cried.

Definitely don’t think they are. Two different (yet hideous) smiles. Plus they are often in the same shot in the Bowling spot and it doesn’t look like any digital effect.

Admittedly, I’m not their target audience, so they’re not making the commercials for me. But I thought it was way too crude - that it took just one too many steps over the line from “funny” to “tasteless.” And I thought the one in the restaurant was just flat out offensive.