Epic facebook meltdown from Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

Buzzfeed link

Head over to the actual Facebook page to see it in all it’s glory!

ETA Kitchen Nightmares, not Hells Kitchen.

I just watched the episode online. The restaurant is totally insane. People wait over an hour for food, and it still comes out undercooked. Then, when they complain, the owner screams obscenities at them and throws them out. They steal from their employees and lie to their customers. I’ve never seen a bigger train wreck. Ramsey eventually just throws up his hands and walks away.

Well, just keep mentioning God and I’m sure you’ll still have at least some customers…


Fixed it for you.


OMG! I am not surprised about that whole thing. That episode was one of the most jawdroppingly WTF episodes of reality tv that I have ever seen. That couple is beyond batshit crazy–Elephantshit crazy? Whaleshitcrazy? The Borgshitcrazy?

Also, that woman has the crazy eyes. The ones where your brain goes “Back away slowly and don’t make any gestures”

I watched that episode this weekend and it was amazing. Amy is so far gone she can’t be fixed. Of course it doesn’t help that her husband lies to her about why no one likes her food.

Eventually they’ll run out of money and the place will close and Amy will still believe it had nothing to do with her or her food.

That facebook page is hilarious. Because of that and the Reddit thing they are getting some press about the meltdown and not the restuarant itself. If they were already hurting for money then this is just going to make things worse.

And don’t forget, they’re going to sue yelp and Reddit and all those posters! But hey, Samy is a gangster!:rolleyes:

What’s even better is that this isn’t a first for the owner:

God - they out Charlie-Sheened Charlie Sheen right there. That is some kind of crazy.

Ok, I’ve read more of the facebook page and a couple of articles about the meltdown including enalzis’ link from 2010. Amy is batshit crazy. I’m surprised they’ve stayed open this long.

On yelp, Samy n’ Amy posted a picture of a cupcake they claim is theirs.

Google image’s reverse search, though, seems to think the cupcake is from The Cupcake Cafe in Manhattan.

You don’t understand. This is AMERICA.

I smell money-laundering scheme.

My family has been having fun with this episode all weekend, and we feel the same way. Could explain their reluctance to let the staff use the PoS terminal too.

there’s also these caramel apples that actually are pulled from kraft’s website. probably the tip of the iceberg.

I don’t-the mob would never have let Ramsey within 100 miles of the place, and they would have been told to shut up and let it all die down.

Might want to label this NSFW. If you scroll almost to the end of all the photos, there’s some penis action going on there, so be forewarned.

Well, damn, I’m definitely clicking the link now!

So, I just watched the episode, and Amy’s face was bothering me. Like, more than she’s just weird looking and trowels on the eyeliner. Then I realized, she looks like one of the “pretty” Simpsons characters. For instance, Simpsons Lady Gaga.

I’m not seeing it. Maybe yelp removed inappropriate images?